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We're looking forward to bring more use for music loops,buying/selling instrumentals, and streaming music while mining for both artists and listeners. With Hive Blockchain we provide a cryptocurrency token "Beatchainz" (BEATCZ) for artists, and fans to use for our network. We plan to release a market for NFTs in the future. We have confidence that Hive Blockchain would eventually grow and that the use of NFTs will be more efficient with this blockchain. We are especially focused on NFTs for loops, sounds, and vocals from any genre.

We want to create an app for musicians to use to present music, and network. Fans and investors would benefit from Beatzchain as well as musicians could. We would love to give unsigned artists with great talent a seat by the table and bring more value to their music through blockchain technology in three ways posting content like on Hive, streaming while mining for the artist/listener, and providing an exchange for pieces of music.

We want to promote NFTs for any material related to music we're mostly focused on the market for music loops, vocals and hopefully someday instrumentals that can be in agreement for buyers/sellers for the NFT. We're hoping for the future to use NFTs with contracts to come to an agreement for the use of pieces of music e.g. Hip-Hop Instrumentals for a rapper to record and distribute from streaming services to radio stations. Contracts that will give both parties rights & royalties that's fair and balanced.

We would like to see more major artists use our network. We would also like to give artists place to distribute their music through streaming services on Beatzchain as well provide contracts for their best benefit (don't you see how we could be so much competition). We we're going to only support Hip-Hop and Hip-Hop beats I've said it so many times but I am the person to take opinions into context so I figured that we could try a different route now. As I've said before I wanted to do NFTs I wanted to create a market for musicians so why not create the market that has demand.

NFTs can be used for products to use even wear it's been done before. Here I have an idea to create NFTs to use for music which is our primary focus. People sell contracts to music there's a market for it. There's a market for sounds, loops, drums, and any new sound or piece of music to create. Hip-Hop music have and will always use different genre sounds especially for soul music & classic R&B. Great beats are created so then I thought anyone could be apart of this market people can create a sound for music.

So with ever being said I would like to leave just a few other things to my roadmap. We're looking to have a market for artists to sell sounds in packages, pieces of music for one NFT, and sell instrumentals. With artists who can pick their price for their NFTs we would like to keep a fair market. Anyone can set their price and for what the price is, and what they have to offer would decide for if they'll be able to sell the NFTs. A huge thing with NFTs are the contracts and how those contracts are embodied is a huge thing. We would love to create custom contracts to work for both buyers and sellers so we're hoping to get the ability for that.

I would like to thank everyone for reading our roadmap and interested in BEATZCHAIN we would love to see you sometime come join our Discord!!

You can read our whitepaper here! /@polarmystro/beatzpaper-beatzchain-white-paper

I would like to thank all of my supporters and community memebers!

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