Zombie Tip #6 - The Secret

We have a secret to share with you. Some of you may remember a motivational series we started a while back involving zombies! It was a fun way to relate a motivational script for our friends and family. We had Become a Zombie, Determine Your Brains, Stay Focused, Be Yourself at All Times, and For the HORDE!!!. It also went over who was who in The Alliance and since the birth of Hive, we've gone through some changes.

Currently, there really is only one guaranteed way to get support from our family account - @thealliance. Simply delegate to us. There are some links at the bottom of this post to make it easy. The percentage of the vote(s) you receive are based on a few things and a silent purge is done once a month to make sure everyone is 'getting what they give'. This is how we determine who gets what:

  • percentage of natural HP delegated to us (Your Hive Power before any other incoming or outgoing delegations)
  • engagement with and support of other members (on and off chain; commenting, voting, going to shows, chatting in Telegram or Discord, etc.)
  • frequency of posting to their blog

Taking all these things into consideration takes a little actual research and hope the fairness is reflected by our actions. The base desired donation is 10% of your HP. If you think you can do more, please do! If you want to do less, nothing is required on Hive and feel free to remove it. We will run with you as far as you can possibly go. At the same time, you need to keep running with us. Here are the people currently wearing their sneakers:

Amount & Percentages for @thealliance

A Silent Purge?

Yes, you know, when you eliminate things that aren't beneficial to the whole. Some have reduced or withdrawn their delegations, others have added or upped theirs. All outgoing votes from this account will reflect that shortly. Another thing that is now being considered, after a year, is this will no longer reflect delegations to older accounts that we used for support. They are now simply on our trail. Those included would be @alliedforces, @a11y, @killerwhale, @thealliancebank (which may be renewed soon), @syndicates and @themothership. Feel free to adjust things accordingly.

We wanted to start fresh over here on Hive. The only actual other support account we have for friends and family currently, is the 100 delegation requirement for @fambalam. It also requires being on the whitelist so, please refrain from delegating to it until we make sure you are on the list first.


We curate from this account in somewhat of a systematic way. Priority goes to our delegators and obviously, the more one gives, the more they receive in return. We also are currently supporting some communities because we simply like to spread the love and help them to do the same. Those are: @thoughtfulposts, @hispapro, @adsactly, @talentclub, @heyhaveyamet, @freewritehouse and @theterminal. From there, we go and check the tag - #thealliance. We've come across some interesting new faces that way! Next, we check the community to see about new posts in there. Members of the Hive community are not necessarily in The Alliance family. Finally, we check who has voted on who in their support of us and our family, then track them down to give them thank you hugs.

The Secret

This will make complete sense to anyone that read the other 'tips' we issued a while ago. It is heavily related to your focus. There was a book called 'The Law of Attraction', ever heard of it? It's a pretty good read if you haven't.

The principle behind it is what you focus on or further, what you consume your mind with. Zombies, you see, think only about one thing - BRAINS. They literally live for them, seek them out and in their primordial thought process, it consumes their focus. Does such a devoted obsession payoff? Absolutely. You wouldn't be able to relate what a zombie even was without mentioning their love and desire for brains.

Such a heavy focus will allow a person to be more resourceful when achieving their goals. Less time will be spent on other things. Constantly thinking about brains keeps a zombie focused which - leads to far less distractions. Be like a zombie, adhere yourself to your goals and stay true to the path that will get you there.

I'm not saying put your blinders on and drive the horse to the finish tape without looking at the big picture either. A supremely focused zombie may chase a faster athletic human and since their determination to acquire that one brain is so deep, they will most likely run right by the stalled-out bus full of senior citizens that would be easy pickings. That same focus would also tend to lend no mind to a shotgun in its face threatening its life. So while you're out there going after your brains, don't forget to eat and rest from time to time and allow yourself to recharge.

The biggest secret, which is no secret at all, but often overlooked, is to REMEMBER TO BE YOU! Remember what makes you happy. Remember who helped you. Remember to help others. Remember why you are doing a thing. Remember to do the thing.


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