An Original Beehive & Hive Blockchain.

While navigating and scrolling through different pages/content on Hive blockchain, do we ever realized how a Hive looks like. Well I found one on top of my door.


This particular also reminded me of our Hive Blockchain. This entire BeeHive was made overnight. Just like the way Hive made out of Steem. It was very surprising to find a Beehive on our own home.

Simply looking at it may looks to be coffee beans. It reminded me of our dear @c0ff33a and his coffee machine. But does it actually a stacked coffee beans?

Those are the small bees who worked for the Hive queen. Actually if we look at the Beehive concept then must figure out an important thing. Social ties hold the bees in the hive together.


Bees are very hard working and always seem to have endless energy. The Cofee beans look like are the worker bees. The workers collect food for everyone in the hive. Worker bees then pass on messages to tell other bees where to find food. And in this way they remain buzzing all time.

It quietly resemble to our Hive blockchain as well. How?


Let give it to the community to think upon it and let comes up some answer. Hopedully , everyone have their own concept and reply.


Namaste @steemflow.

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