The Salt and Pepper of Married Life

Today let's bring some humor around.
The Common Tussles of Married Couples

What do you think are these common day to day tussles?
Let me share a few of mine first.

Between me and my hubby, the one thing that annoys me is, he never keeps his Shoes in their right place. Not only shoes, he never keeps things in place and that annoys me the most. I am a person who wants everything at home in it's right place and he is the one who keeps putting things around anywhere. He makes fun of me, saying, Nainaz, you should have been a police inspector, because you are always policing after me.

He also had this dirty habit of leaving his Towel on the bed, but I managed to train him. So typical man...hehehe. Guess this is a very common one with many couples.

The other thing that we end up arguing about is watching TV, he enjoys watching movies and I enjoy watching lifestyle and travel related shows, so there is always a tussle about what to watch today :), that's a different thing that I win most of the times...hehehe

The other common tussle is over my Son. Because I am very generous when it comes to meeting my Son's demands and he does not encourage that. The other ones are humor tussles but this one gets serious sometimes. He feels that my love is spoiling him and I have a different point of view, I always feel that Children should be handled sensitively no matter what their age is. He thinks I over pamper him by meeting all his demands, but I cannot help here. Sometimes I know I am wrong, but I cannot stop myself.


The other thing we end up arguing about is, he is a very homely person and I like to be outdoors. I enjoy going out, dining, with friends, and parties. He also enjoys parties and friends but he prefers to do it at home. Nowadays with the lockdowns he is very happy, since there is no chance to go out....hehehe, and I make fun of him, saying that for every day spent at home, he will have to treat me outside.

One thing I remember from my early marriage days. In those times, I was a very conservative dresser. My dressing style was very conservative and he liked bold dressing, and we would always have arguments over it. I would go in for something more covered up and he would want me to wear something bold and open, and we would end up arguing over that and sometimes I would also end up crying telling him that he doesn't love me for the way I am. Eventually I did change, and then tables turned, then he had to tell me to sober down...hehehe.

There are not many things that we have differences on, and we do not argue much, because he normally gives in very easily. I have this habit of never saying Sorry, it is just with him. If we have a fight, I am not the one who makes the first move to talk, unless the situation is something very serious and I know that I am wrong, in such situations I do not keep the ego, but this day to day small tussles, I do not budge in, and he has learned this in the 25 years, so he gives in very easily with kissing and hugging me. So the matter ends then :-)

I feel that these little tit bits of arguments makes the marriage spicier, yes but always in limit, if it goes overboard then it's not healthy for the relationship. The YES and NO arguments between couples bring some humor to the relationship. It is also believed that these small tussles make the marriage more healthy. In my family with my sisters and me, we all females are bossy with our husbands and they take this behavior lovingly with no grudges ;-)

So what are the Common tussles as a married couple you have. Annoying behaviors of your partner, who always says Sorry, who is the bossier one. This little humor keeps the spark of the marriage alive and does not let boredom set in the relationship. I can only say they are the Salt and Pepper of Life.

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