Taking Some Time To Help A Friend! A Couple Is Taking Advantage Of A 75 Year Old Man!

Hello Friends! It has been a little bit since I have posted and I have not had the time to work on the step van. The reason for this is I needed to go and live with a friend for a while. Everything is good at my house but the friend is a 75-year-old that tried to help someone in need and they have taken full advantage of him. He was trying to help this couple out and let them stay with him, they told him it would be a couple of months and they would have a place of their own.

The "Man", I say that sarcastically, has a job and making about $600.00 or so a week. The woman is a crazy thing that likes to torment and then play the victim card. She hates losing control and controls the man totally and pushed the older man that tried to help them till his blood pressure went all out of control. He stayed with me till his blood pressure was straightened out, then we both moved back to his house and I have been making their life as terrible as possible.

The two months turned into almost a year now and still sponging off the older gentleman. They pay nothing to live here and run the electric bill as high as they can, use all of his propane then get more and charge to his account. They have messed up his house and we are working to get that fixed, with a couple of my friends helping out. It is getting back to normal for him slowly.

It took a while for me to post because I had to the internet and a phone at his house because the cell service sucks here and I did not want to get something, like a cell booster to make it easier for them. I take the phone and the power adapter for the internet if we have to leave. That makes another bill for me as I had to sign a year contract for that and he is just on Social Security and I am helping him get the house fixed and back on his feet.

We have given them an eviction notice but we have to wait 60 days for that to finish then he can take them to court. The problem is no one will rent to them or they cannot get power on at a house if they can get a place to rent because the "man" lets the wife spend the money and never pay their bills. They are both on probation and they have to borrow money to pay him his fees. Their names are Gary and Tiffany Currington! I guess this should not be a surprise as Gary's father, Wayne, was tried and convicted of raping his own daughter.

I have put things I am doing right now on hold, still saving Hive and HBD in my account, trying to help him get straightened out right now, Some may wonder why I would do this because when we lost our house after I came back from Iraq and we got the land we have now, he was the only person that helped us clear and get the things we needed to get the land where we could live on it. He never asked for anything in return and this is the way we choose to pay him back for all of his help.

We think of this man as family and the grandkids love him to death. We always just call him and he will come to help us out. So please be patient I will get back to working on the step van and I will be on the road soon. I have learned that good things come to those that are patient and that there are reasons for things that happen in our lives. I am not going backward in my efforts I have just taken a detour on another road and I and still moving forward. I hope everyone is having a good day/night, whatever it is in your neck of the woods! ALWAYS FORWARD!

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