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Jharkhand state is one of the many Tribal inhabitated state in India The state which is predominantely cover with jungle has many tribes. These tribesman were very Peace loving poor people, and mostly engaged with their work. But many a times when they get aggresive, it's pretty difficult for anyone to control their anger, even the government feel helpless.

Anyhow, while visiting one of the tribal oriented place in Jharkhand, we found that the life style of these tribal people were nice presented with some nice Murals on the boundary walls. The Murals generally shows the glimpse of their lifestyle and work. Here are few of them as I clicked from moving car.

Rice and Mat making


Farming is the main activity of these people. They grow their own paddy, and also make Parboiled rice* at home along sewing mats*. Paraboiled rice is a kind of rice that has been partially boiled in the husk. You will find them in these part of India.

Jungle Fire


These tribesman were jungle lover. Infact in many cases tyeir home were located in the interior of the jungle. They always make all possible effort to protect jungle from fire or other damages

Drum Making.


Forget about any musical instruments. They have their own drums which they enjoy during g festival or any ocassion. They make these drums by own using bamboo. These drums are called mandar in tribal language.

Dawari - Paddy Seperation.


Forget about any meals or machine. These tribal people have their own tradional approach to seperate paddy from the hays. They usually put all the hays on the ground and make their livestock on them for hours. Later they remove all the husk from rice.

Dhenki - A Vintage Grinder.


This is very interesting. This is a unique method of rice separation from paddy. PADDY once sepersted were dried in sun and then put into this wooden block. Kind of see-saw. To know more, you can Check my Steemit Blog to find the vintage man made machine.

Tribal Dance - Sarhul


These tribal people have their own culture and also own festival. They have own Danece style, Calle sarhul. They hold each other in groups and dances on the mandar bass tune. Very interesting to see them in real.

Ironsmith - Iron man


In case you love bow and arrow then you will.still find them with these tribesman. Apart from the primitive hunting tools, they have many own weapons. They are good Iron-Smith and can make ay tool with ease.



One of the important aspect of life. Even I checked that in my village, these illiterate uneducated people have more focus on cleanliness then an literate people. They keep brooms gather home and outside morni g and evening. Keep it quite clean.

Well... The walls looks to be very old, but the painting on them makes it look attractive. There lifestyle simply pull me to snap many people at world forum are not aware of these Indian tribal culture. But now, atleast I make you all aware of the hidden lifestyle of these tribesman.


Namaste @steemflow.

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