I have no idea how this happened

Some how, some way my Akebia vine has grown through one of my Canna leaves. I did not do this, and I am really scratching my head how this happened.

Maybe hail during our storms punched a hole in the Canna leaf and the vine was in just the right place to go right through. My Comfrey got little holes punched in them this year due to some small hail so its very possible so did the Canna.

Since then it has winded its self up the Canna and the vine is over 10 feet long.

Or maybe the vine pierced the leaf, as this vine can be quite invasive sometimes.

This Akebia vine is new to my garden, being a "Shirobana" cultivar it will produce white flowers. The common Akebia produces pinkish purple flowers, I am hoping with the two I will get fruit.

In a few months the Canna will die back to the ground as the frosts turn the soft stems into mush. Around that time I will do my best to keep the vine from being crushed by the falling plant. As the Akebia vine will stay alive through the winter, in a dormant state.

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