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If you follow my blogs on how to cultivate a field, you may have noticed that with potato digging, most of the activity is already over.

Autumn is coming, today is the autumnal equinox and officially tomorrow will be the beginning of the calendar autumn. But there are still some crops left.

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The biggest remaining crop is kale, which is growing like a champ. It's huge. We won't be able to use it all up (read: eat it 😋), only what we consume on a regular basis. It will stay for the deer, but they don't show much interest in kale...


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This is one of the few tomatoes left. It's still green. We picked up the rest on the spot. There weren't many. If we can't eat them all at once then we make a sauce or dry them and put them in olive oil. Well, this year there will be neither sauce nor drying of tomatoes.
This is the last one, but it hasn't matured yet. It will probably fall off.


I'm most looking forward to the chilies. I'll wait a while for them to turn red and then pick them and make homemade hot sauce.


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Even ordinary peppers are still growing. They aren't exactly big but there are quite a few.
I purposely planted them next to the chilies, maybe they will also be hot. They say that this happens or that they cross each other if they are planted close.


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And what is this weed?
Not exactly the weeds but the top, green part of the sweet potato. The fruit grows in the ground. Since I planted it for the first time this year, otherwise only two seedlings, I was just curious.


I picked the greenery with my hand and carefully dug it out with my hoe. At first, I thought it was nothing, but after I pulled it out I saw there was quite a lot of it.


I find it very interesting. It grows like a spiral down into the soil. Well, I suppose I should have waited a little longer and it would have grown even bigger.
But I have another seedling, I'll dig it up later, in about two weeks. I read somewhere that it's not very sweet yet, that you have to wait for about a month before you start using it.


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Where we had potatoes before, I leveled the ground and my wife planted winter lettuce (andivia) and chicory. Hopefully, the deer won't eat it.


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Well, that's my field in the photo. It's quite long, and my wife and I actually only work half of it.


The other half of the field is just weeds.


What could I do about it?


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Should I leave it as it is and work only half of the field as before? My wife and I both have jobs and we don't have much time for gardening ... or should I clear it and plant something else?

I have one option in mind, maybe an opportunity (or maybe not) that a friend of mine has started ...


This is the cultivation of medical cannabis or CBD-rich hemp. You can read about the project in my previous post.

And what do you think about that?

5% of the earnings of this post will go to beneficiaries of the community (@hive-123046).

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Stay Healthy!
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