Using a Mudra & the lunar cycle to connect awake souls & builders of the future


I am writing this post today because it is a new moon tomorrow, providing the perfect opportunity to begin a new practice which has the capacity to energetically connect those of us who are awake & adapting to this time of great upheaval. The idea was suggested to me by my old amigo @sebcam, passed on to him by his friend @waykiwayki in this Etheric Solutions Video.

I will summarise it for you now.

What is our current situation?

60% of humans are in deep mind control.

29.5% of humans are half awake but connected frequently to vibrations of fear or ignorance.

0.5% of humans are awake & adapting.

@waykiwayki estimates this number to be around 144,000.

Those of us who consider ourselves to be the 0.5% are scattered all over the world in small groups and we are moving now into a period in which travel will be made difficult for the unvaccinated. Physically it is unlikely we will be able to connect during this decade of change, so we would be wise to find a way to regularly connect on an energetic level.

Connecting the groups

The idea is to dedicate a few minutes, four times a month to a simple Mudra, combining it with clear intentions and feelings.

A Mudra is a powerful symbolic gesture, usually performed with the hands.

@waykiwayki explains in his film this particular Mudra was 'downloaded' for him to pass on to us for this purpose.

Thumbs and little fingers create the symbol of infinity at the bottom. Three fingers above connecting a triad, middle fingers at the top.

Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at 12.34.12.png

While holding this Mudra, simply focus on all the groups of awake souls, connecting them up in your mind, sending them love, care & respect with the knowing we will prevail as we are aligned with divine virtue, integrity and justice. The etheric pool will welcome you.

This pool will grow as an energy as a way of supporting each other. An etheric place to connect where any pain, disbelief, bewilderment or anger can be easily transmuted into purity, courage and righteousness. An etheric place where downloads can come to all of us. An energy pool that will frighten the elite's dark dense energy pit of control and modification of DNA. It's wise we try something more etheric in these times. We are coming into a time of big change collectively and we can create an energetic pool which is healing, which is a shield, which gives insights, which gives unity, which ultimately is a weapon of unified love.

Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at 16.08.01.png

Image & words @waykiwayki

No matter where we are in the world the lunar cycle is the same for all of us so we can use this as our marker for the 4 times a month: the full moon, new moon & 2 half moons.

It doesn't matter our night times don't match up, the etheric pull will still collect your intent.

Using this website you can easily find out which days to set aside for this important practice.

Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at 12.28.22.png

On a personal note I have felt for the last few years quite isolated and disconnected out here in the mountains of south France and while I know this is a great place to survive what is coming, the sense of disconnection can be quite overwhelming at times. I continue trying with French but I struggle to keep up or join in with most conversations, which is frustrating. So for me, this exercise is the perfect energetic solution! And by the end of tomorrow I will be connected with anyone else who cares to give this a go.

To those of you who consider yourselves to be awakened souls & builders of the future, even if you do not take up this suggested practice as a regular exercise, I want you to know you how brave you are and I am sending you my love, care & respect. If not in this life, I will see you in the next and I will embrace you with all my strength!

Love & Light everyone 🌱

Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at 11.31.25.png
image from @waykiwayki video which can be seen in full here.

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