In my study in the college hostel

Hello friends, I hope you are all well. I am very well. Today I am going to share with you the story of my reading room in the college hostel.


This is my college hostel room, and this is the table I study at. This is my study table. I put my college books on this table. I read these books every day. Now all the books you see on this table are mine. I bought them below. I read every day. There is a small fan on the table. This fan is used for me when it is hot. My tune is not very good. Try to stay clean.


One bat for each student to stay in a college hostel and no one can double in this person's single bet. I always try to keep my BT happy. My daughter is very dear to me. I can't sleep on any other bet except this so my daughter is always clean. I try to keep it clean.


I have finished eating and drinking now my daughter I am lying down and resting I love to lie in my bed I sit with my chair-table when I study and when I need rest I lie down in my bed my daughter I always keep clean just pain I also try to keep my room clean because if it is clean and tidy, the mind will be good and the mind will sit in study.

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