Is Covid vaccination without RT-PCR test safe?

As you all guys know that India's largest vaccine drive is catching its momentum and still there are many people's who are waiting for their chance to get vaccinated. But this increase in it's tempo should be followed by proper RT-PCR test which i guess is lacking behind. I know there are many who don't follow the Idea of covid vaccination and don't believe in the virus either. But I'm just trying to write down what i saw and how i feel.

So yesterday my father went to get vaccinated to the nearest vaccination centre. He went probably at 8:00 in the morning. When i phone called him after some hours he told to me that the officials were vaccinating people without performing proper covid test. This is something strange to me because I've seen doctors suggesting to not get vaccinated if you have contaminated by the virus.

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I've not been able to post for a while because right now my village condition is severe. There are restrictions on movement and interaction as whole village is suffering from covid. Virus already killed a woman and about 50 others tested positive in 4 days time.

Mainly i want to point out about the testing procedures before vaccination. Government officials are testing for covid very far from the place where vaccination process is going on.

Is it allowed to vaccinate people without proper test? I personally think you can't. One of my friend tested positive and now he's not allowed to vaccinate for about 3 months. But here the scenerio is completely opposite. I'm not a medical expert or vaccine expert but i think its an issue that must be solved.

What you guys think about it? Is it allowed or not ? Is it safe way to get vaccinated or harsh error to spread the contamination even more? Please drop your valuable knowledge on comment section so i can get some clear idea about what is right and what is wrong.




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