Advantages of Green Building .


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Currently, the demand for green buildings has increased a lot. These green buildings or cabins are being built in large numbers, especially in hotels and tourist areas. There are many reasons for this. The main reason is that people now want to leave the city of bricks and stones and live in the midst of green nature. Wants to realize the calm environment of nature. At present many multi-storied buildings are also keeping the touch of green nature environment. Plants and vegetable saplings are now being planted on the roofs of many multi-storied buildings. Moreover, collar power is being used in many homes now. Because now there is an electricity crisis in many countries. Due to which people have moved a lot towards the use of solar power. Our country is now using a lot of solar power. It is very affordable. Even in our country solar is being used at street lampposts.

And now with the increase in the use of green building, the demand for it has also increased. There are many benefits to using and building a green building. As such the maintenance cost is much lower. This is because the existing houses are planned to have more rooms in a very small space. Due to which light and air cannot enter there properly. But it is very important to let light and air enter the room. Otherwise the room becomes a wall dam. And more dam is bad for the body in the environment. And the cost of repairing this dam is much higher. And it has to be done every few months. But eco buildings basically have adequate lighting and air in the rooms. So that daylight can penetrate the entire room. This makes it possible to prevent wastage of current. Wood is used more here. As a result, the room temperature is much lower even in hot weather. Moreover, the veranda is placed next to the room and small trees have been planted there. The environment is much better. Various measures are taken to prevent water wastage in these green buildings. For example, the water we use is used to spray water on various trees. In this way no separate water is used for the tree. Moreover, rain water is stored and used properly. Nowadays green building has become a very unique design. A variety of creepers are being planted on the walls of city buildings to enhance the beauty. In addition, artificial fountains are being constructed in the buildings and small pools or reservoirs are also being kept so that they can keep the weather of the building cool. And now in many buildings only concrete is being used on the outside and walls are being made using wood on the inside. And it can be easily changed. We are intimately involved with nature. Nature is able to keep both our body and mind well without any medicine. And now the importance of green buildings is immense to reduce the way the environmental pollution is increasing.

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