Ecotrain QOTW - What Do You Need To Let Go Of?

Holding on to some things in our lives can be good and can also be bad for us. You want to hold on to something? Hold on to things that would only help you grow.


There are things that are not worth holding on to. These are things that would only make us crumble or remain stagnant.

Things that would blind us from being grateful for things worth holding on to.

These things should be let go no matter how they seem not be after our growth in life or how difficult they may seem to be let go of. We just have to let them go if we wish to move forward. I've seen and heard of people who die slowly, grow unhappy and even hurt others all because of their refusal to let go of what could be the cause of their act.

I can't exempt myself from this as I have held on to things and I'm still holding on to things that I'm supposed to let go of. By writing this, I believe it would help me let them go since I would be writing them down as I think of ways to be free of them totally.

What I Need To Let Go Of?



This has affected the way I deal with my activities and manage my time. I find myself leaving an activity I could get done easily at a time for another time that is supposed for another activity. And I end up not being able to get some things done before deadline which isn't healthy for someone who wants to grow. I've done this a lot with posting and commenting on Hive since the post few weeks, it has to stop. I need to let go of procrastination and hold on to keeping to time.

My indecisive Self


I've studied and noticed this about myself. I can be very slow to making decisions and it is not because I don't really know what to go for but because I'm always unsure of myself or the situation I face. And this leads to my indecisive self. I'm fond of saying the word "Maybe" when I could just say a "Yes" or "No". It has affected the way o interact with people but then it has to stop somehow. I need to let go of my indecisive self and be more sure of decisions I make.

My Fears


If you ask me what my fears are, you wouldn't get any good answer from me because I myself don't know what I'm afraid of. I just find myself getting scared of losing, being in front of a crowd, getting bad grades or compliments from people and this has made me feel less of myself a lot which isn't a sign of growth. I need to let go of my fears and be more confident to face any changes I may encounter in life.

My Weaknesses


I'm not going to say I want to let go of my weaknesses. Every person has his or her weaknesses and they are hard to break off because it turns out that one's weakness could serve as a strength to another. I found my weaknesses and I want them to be a strength to another. I need to let go of my weaknesses taking superiority over my strength.

I believe and hope that my writing these here will serve as a start of something new in my life, letting go of what should be gone from my life and holding on to what is needed for my growth in life.

This is my participation for the #ecotrain QOTW
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