Resilience as a tool for managing work stress in workers.

Written by:Diomer Antonio Galán Rincón.
Bachelor's Degree.Public Accounting / MSc.Science of Higher Education.

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Currently, due to the competitiveness that exists in the market, as a result of the dynamics of the market as well as globalization, organizations are in constant search of tools that allow them to face the changes that originate from such competition, based on this the worker goes through a series of situations that affect in some way their work performance.

Hence the importance of the leadership that managers must exercise over their subordinates. According to Gonzalez, M (2014) expresses that it is "The ability to influence a group to achieve their goals", that is, it is the ability that a person has to intervene in others to make them comply with certain tasks, of course, he/she does not necessarily have to be a manager, he/she must only have the expertise to intervene adequately on other individuals.

In this sense, resilience offers managers that useful tool to influence their subordinates, in those who lead organizations is the way to find those motivators that move their workers, this in order to take advantage of them and make those forces act in favor of the company generating high job performance and better profits.

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For his part, Alvarado, S (2015), says that resilience "is the ability to overcome adversities and emerge strengthened from them. Etymologically, it comes from the Latin term resilio (to bounce back), which psychology has adopted from physics, consisting of the ability of a physical body to recover its original shape after being subjected to deformation or high pressures.

In organizations, stress has become a relevant and socially recognized phenomenon, being frequently linked to work and work activity. Organizations should be aware of the presence of stress in their workplaces and its character as an explanatory factor of elements acting in the company such as job dissatisfaction, high levels of absenteeism and propensity to abandon due to the demands.

From this perspective, resilience allows people to learn to get out of emotionally compromised situations, taking for themselves the positive aspects that the same circumstances can offer them. In this way achieving a healthier life for employees of organizations and that these can be more efficient and effective.

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