Finding Joy During Uncertain Times πŸ”†πŸŒΏπŸŒΈ

Hi Hive friends,

It has been over years since our whole world turned upside down due to covid. For some, that can be hard to adapt to unforeseen changes such as working from home, new working challenge on the online world, etc. However, let's think positively, it remains good sides, which may bring people closer together by sharing love, appreciation, and gratitude. This is also time to be gentle with ourselves, nurture our minds and grow into a better version of the life. Whatever joy means to you, it can be used in surprisingly simple ways, even when going through tough times. Here are some recommendations that I am practicing at the moment to cultivate joy not only for myself but also for people around me.


start small

Finding joy doesn't take much time and effort. You can start with planting from small pots of plants to a bigger garden, reading one of your favorite books which you've never thought about while getting busy with life outside, learning how to cook a new dish for your and your beloved ones, etc. Even though that may not sound important for others, all that matters is what means to you. One of my mentors used to say β€œIf something makes you feel good, or gives you joy, or gives you a little laugh, or whatever, as long as it doesn't harm you or anyone else, do more now." It's truly helpful advice that changes my life nowadays.




Create new routines

It's easier for us to get comfortable habits like eat fast, play more, or sleep longer. However, building a habit related to self-development will take around 21 days consistently. Seem hard right? Let's solve this problem by picking a small new habit that is easy enough and you don't need much motivation to do it. Instead of starting with 50 push-ups a day, start with just 5 a day. Instead of trying to get up early for a workout every day, let's start with a small walk to enjoy the sunrise or swimming at the beach in the early morning and pick some fish from fishermen.


In our town during the lockdown time, I realize that most people miss outdoor activities, therefore, when we have been allowed to go shopping in the early morning for 2 hours (from 5 am to 7 am), everyone seems like getting up earlier and start hunting food and riding bicycles along the beach. The life has been begun again :)
In conclusion, new habits, particularly at the beginning, must feel easy. If you consistently grow your habits, they will develop quickly and firmly.

Stop Comparing with Others Negatively

We live in a time when internet communication affected every aspect of society, particularly, every person's personal life. Technological convenience and social networks can enable you to access information sources, including stars or celebrities' personal life. We know the daily activities and lives of the people we care for every day. And we have comparisons of why people have better lives than we do?
Many of us constantly compare ourselves with others, it doesn't solve any problems and even becomes worse, which distracts and wastes our time.


The ultimate destination that everyone wants to live happier all day long. Therefore, let's build the habits of positive living, we will find the strength to stop negative thoughts and focus on investing in ourselves.

I wish you all the best and much love πŸ’š

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