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Just a short post today. Only a snippet really, and it's about my favorite TV comedian of the past decades, Jon Stewart. I was so glad to see that he's still "doing his thing," since he quit the Daily Show in 2015.


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Jon Stewart was at one time the most trusted source for news for younger audiences; the fact that a comedian is trusted more than official news outlets is an indication of how the mainstream media has lost its trustworthiness by regurgitating corporate and government talking points. Let's not forget that those media have literally SOLD us at least two illegal wars. Stewart has been a voice of reason during those years, and it's so good to see that he still is.

Jon Stewart slams Congress over benefits for 9/11 first responders

Not only was he a very popular TV anchor-comedian, he also was an activist who, for years, has fought for the rights of the first responders of the 9/11 attacks in 2001. Many of these first responders, policemen, rescue workers, firemen and others, have suffered from serious illnesses as a result of the heroic work they did. And how were they repaid? With a struggle that's even going on today to get some kind of recognition and the costs of their expensive treatments repaid. It's always the same; the nation's heroes are lauded in word and before cameras, but as soon as they need help to recover from their heroics, they're ignored... Watch what Stewart thinks about this in the video linked above, as he slams Congress over benefits for 9/11 first responders.

It saddens me that his new show "The Problem with Jon Stewart" is now behind a pay-wall, as it airs only on Apple TV+, and I doubt that we'll be hearing much criticism of Apple from him... Still, I hope he'll continue there as he left off at the Daily Show, and will comment on politics in the humorous and sharp way we've become used to from him. He also did an interview recently, in which he made some pointed remarks on the complaints by celebrities about "cancel culture," as well as some remarks about Trump and the prospect of him running for the presidency in 2024. I agree with Stewart that if Trump decides to run, there's a good chance that he'll win. Anyhow, just watch the below linked video...

Jon Stewart’s Remarks on Trump 2024 and ‘Cancel Culture’ Are SPOT ON

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