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What if you could use the culture war to make loads of money? Well, you can. Some prominent YouTubers already do just that. But now the right wing grifting has entered the tech-space with "Freedom Phone"...


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Monetizing fear and outrage is nothing new. John D. Rockefeller's father, William Rockefeller Sr. started out as a notorious "snake oil" salesman, exploiting people's fear of disease and offering them a miracle cure. This predatory behavior has historically always been linked to conservatism and the political right. They offer simple, direct "one size fits all" solutions to complex problems, catering to an uneducated supporters base. That's not an insult, that's just fact. Conservatives want things to stay as they are, even go back in time to a period when they say everything was better, and therefore lack the dose of curiosity needed to be a true progressive. Right now, in a world that's rapidly changing due to climate change, technology, streams of fugitives, the Chinese takeover of the world economy and the proliferation of LGBTQ+ rights, it's becoming too much for conservatives to handle, and they retreat back into their own safe space, or lash out against anyone and anything representative of said changes.

The spokespersons of this fragile and scared part of the population know exactly how to monetize this fear. They play into those fears by exaggerating or flatly denying the existence of the perceived threats; denial in the case of climate change, and exaggeration in the case of the communist threat, labeling anyone to their left a communist. And because their perfect world is under attack by reality, they are of course victims. It's funny how the political right accuses progressives of acting like snowflakes and having a "victim mentality", when they are the ones constantly acting like the victim. Because they are the victims, not of some nefarious leftist attack, but of the reality that progress and change can't be stopped.

Enter the grifters who masterfully monetize the panicked conservative masses. Here we have Candace Owens, for example, who, like a modern "Uncle Tom" denies the existence of systemic racism as a black woman, thereby becoming a beloved mascot for the growing alt-right wing of the Republican Party. Never mind that young Candace filed lawsuits against her white classmates for being discriminated against. Or how about Dave Rubin, a gay man and former leftist, who made a video for PragerU titled Why I Left the Left, and allows Ben Shapiro to all but insult him for his gayness on his own show. These people are jokes whose only motivation is the money they make by betraying their own best interests.

And now we have the "Freedom Phone"... What's there to say about this grift? The youngest bitcoin-millionaire has found a way to make money of the fear of "cancel culture". "Are you afraid your right to free speech is violated? Buy my Freedom Phone!" It's so ridiculous that I'm at a loss of words here. This man bought a cheap 120 dollar Chinese phone (see the irony in that), dressed it up a little, and sells it as digital snake oil for 500 dollar. I won't say anything more and let Vaush do the talking. Watch the below linked video; I hope you'll immediately see how this Freedom Phone fits right in there with Rockefeller's snake oil and all the other simple fake solutions coming from right wing conservatism.

Introducing The FREEDOM PHONE - The Latest Conservative Grift

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