Covid Prank

Prank: a practical joke or mischievous act. That's what Google serves up when searching for the meaning of "prank." And it's what millions of people believe covid-19 to be: a deliberate man-made pandemic used to beat the people into submission, a mischievous act on a global scale.


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I believe the latter part is true; if you pay even just a little attention to the methods used by the powerful to stay powerful, you know that they never let a good crisis go to waste, meaning that every crisis to them is a golden opportunity to gain even more power and more wealth. I also believe that the covid-19 pandemic represents the greatest transfer of power and wealth to the upper echelons of our societies since the 11 September terrorist attacks in 2001; back then it was the military industrial complex, the espionage and surveillance industries, and the oil and gas industries, now it's the espionage and surveillance industries and Big Pharma that are the main benefactors. And in both cases the governments were the conduits through which the rich and powerful won their prize.

What I'm not sure about, in both these disturbing events, is if they were deliberately planned and executed. They were and are milked for every ounce of increased wealth and power, that's for sure. And history is filled with deliberate false flag operations, that's for sure. And we consequently have every reason to distrust those who wield political and economical power over us, I'm perfectly in tune with that as well. But we simply lack the information needed to know if these two world-shocking and life-changing events were deliberately planned. And I'm much more inclined to believe this is true for the 9/11 attacks, than I am with regards to the pandemic. You see, pandemics are the stuff of life and have plagued us all throughout our history.

Statistics can be used to spread misinformation; that's also true. But in the case of covid-19 and the vaccines I don't believe there's much room for misinformation or misinterpretation. As far as I can see we see the same results everywhere; in places where most people are vaccinated, infection rates and deaths go down. This immediately discredits the wild conspiracy theories out there that would have us believe that the vaccines are part of a shadowy global conspiracy to decimate populations. Forget the healthcare industry for a minute, and think of the doctors, nurses, researchers, scientists, all the hundreds of thousands of people involved with the development and application of the vaccines and ask yourself if you truly believe that these people, who dedicated much of their lifes to the advancement of knowledge and the healing and rescuing of humans, now suddenly have decided to become part of this conspiracy and do the opposite of their life's dedication. I don't believe that. I do believe that politicians and mainstream media gain by spreading misinformation in order to create division and fear among the populous; that's their life's dedication. So, as far as I'm concerned, you're best of ignoring the fear-mongering right wing politicians who'd have you believe the vaccine is dangerous, and listen to the fast majority of health-experts who recommend taking the vaccine.

Of course, the abuse of power and wealth described above goes way beyond the level of a prank, even a mischievous prank. But, the way I see things makes me appreciate the prank described in the below linked video. There are many articles written about funeral homes that can not handle the influx of dead bodies during the spikes of covid-19 deaths; the latest article I've seen was from the beginning of this month reporting that In Florida, funeral home workers struggle to keep up with the dying... Watch the below linked video to see how this tragic reality was used to start a viral campaign designed to get people to get vaccinated.

Fake Funeral Home Goes Viral With Message To Anti Vaxxers

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