A Short Rant on Shamelessly Protesting Already


About a day ago there were some actions held across America on 9/11 that took on the name "End the Damn Wars!" They were put together under a simple message calling to end the imperialist wars and centering around 9/11 for those events led to an invasive augmentation of the surveillance state which accompanied the increase in US aggression for the purpose of pillaging resources in the name of "fighting terrorism." For a first round of events trying to jumpstart a largely unresponsive antiwar movement in the US, I'd say it went well.

Unfortunately one of the things hindering this movement and this series of protests from galvanising larger numbers of current activists is the involvement of the "Boogaloo Bois," a decentralised group of individuals known for running security for protests in Hawaiian shirts that have been called everything in the accusatory activist slander dictionary from white supremacist fashbugs to SJWing antifa supermobs. Upon hearing of the End the Damn Wars! protests, a portion of people in activist spaces loudly proclaimed that we mustn't go to anti-war protests with the boogaloo bois because they belong in hell.
You want to know how much I care about those concerns? Better yet, what about the victims of war and those bearing the scars of imperialism who need and deserve more support? You think they would care?

I really do hope that people can let their conviction for a cause carry them past their feelings about a certain collective or individual. Because particularly since the dawn of COINTELPRO every movement in the United States has been contaminated with feds, grifters, and pimps. This is something we have to deal with unfortunately, but it should never stop us from protesting for a just cause. You know who can go to hell before the boogaloo bois? Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Shaun King. Is the fact that they uplift the BLM movement gonna stop me from going to a protest against police brutality? NO. Is the swath of culture war grifters that use anti-mandate protests as a means to enrich themselves or a standard Republican campaign gonna stop me from protesting against medical tyranny? NO. I can keep going, because like I previously stated every just cause is infiltrated, while it's a sad reality it can also be a good sign that it means your cause it worth something. If soulless opportunists see monetary profits or the government sees a threat that needs to be neutralised it means that your movement has a power and conviction worth something.

So with that being said it frustrates me to see people still hesitating to protest a just cause out of petty concerns that aim to sink groups further into their own echo chambers. It's cucked, to put it nicely, especially because I see a lot of complaints with no follow-ups, no action, no desire to take back the cause. In honor of a friend who's currently incarcerated for his activism, Commander X, I want to bring up some advice he gave me when I was discussing the co-opted state of BLM, and that is that you can always take a movement back. A lot of times, there is nothing stopping you from taking the truth to a protest; there is no one saying that you don't have permission to hijack or re-hijack an event to make noise for your cause. This can be done with the right people, the right attitude, the right fire, and un chaleco moral. I don't know how extreme or not that sounds and I apologise as I'm ranting on here but I maintain my point. It's not only beyond time, we've reached absurd times. Our oppressors act in such sociopathic lunacy, that for this situation to be somewhat more balanced we must be shameless in advocacy for our causes. We have conviction in our causes, act on it! When you act on that conviction it will carry you past most hesitations you might have. If it can get you out to protest then let it push you to raise hell in the face of any opportunist, poser, or non-intimidating human in a Hawaiian shirt.

In closing I also want to share this Fuck Censorship song to the tune of "These Boots are made for Walking" by my friends and fam :) Hasta Siempre.

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