How I grow my own food, harvest my own energy and earn money online to survive (Deep Dive) - Part 1: Food

I've never been a rich guy. Even though in my late teens I started my own business, made quite the living, and I'm educated in "Law science", money has never been my motivation in life. Back then? I liked to spend it. In my 20s I just really didn't need much. I just loved life and enjoyed it even by backpacking for free to the middle of nowhere. I loved looking at the stars in the sky, especially when you realize it's time travel. Many of the stars in the sky no longer exist, we just still see them because light takes so long to travel. When you look at the entire sky, you're really looking at the history of humanity, and well, way further back.

Now I'm in my 30s, being a human rights activist since the age of 15 (Protesting at the ICC in The Hague), I did decide to make some changes to become more independent from the state or corporations in any way possible. I've never had a job, never received a welfare check or support from the government and never asked anyone for money either. But that isn't enough. Looking at what is going on right now in society, dependence on energy or food from outside sources is also becoming "risky business".

What I learned at a young age, and that allowed me to eat and sleep in a safe place, was that money doesn't matter, but people do. And people have certain needs and requirements, and when you are able to help them with that, you can make a living. Make your network large, and learn to utilize it.

But this article is not really about that. I want to show you a few things that I recently did, that costed me little money but gave and still gives me lots in return.

Let's start with the food. It's becoming winter so you won't see my good tomato yield I had a month ago. These are the winter ready foods I'm growing.

"IMG_20211011_152154.jpg" Paprika's soon ready for harvest.

"IMG_20211011_152141.jpg" A young pear tree I found, that won't give much for the next few years though :)


"IMG_20211011_152347.jpg" Spinach loves growing on my roof, and I can't wait to eat it.

Garlic pretty much grows anywhere. Stinky, but healthy and keeps the bugs away.


And then there are these 2 young blackberries bushes, one with actual black ones and the other one with yellow colored. They are winter ready.

Lining up more pots to get filled up with stuff to grow. As you see, I'm far from done.

So that's the food part. The goal is to grow at least 5-6 months worth of my own food during the year, different things, that will reduce dependence on any outside source. I will certainly get there.

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