Damn It, It's Just Not An Informed Decision!

We have come to a point now, where the tables have turned! In the area where I live, I have heard to some folk, who feel unsafe about admitting that they have been vaccinated. How they are worried, that those who have been very vocal about the plandemic, may start to speak out against them!


I have even heard, how we should now be very protective of those who have chosen to be vaccinated, that we need to make them feel safe. And yet where was this concern for those of us who from the very beginning spoke out about the whole scam that was happening.

Yes we all have the right to chose how to live, but it goes both ways!

I for one am still trying to understand why people want to volunteer to be injected with an experimental injection. Why they value their health so little. Because it is still an experiment!

I know I have written about this already, but it is still something I am struggling with. I am trying o find the balance between the two. To try and allow myself to accept that it is inevitable, without trying to spread awareness. Because by doing that, by spreading awareness, we actually push people away.

Those that have chosen to be vaccinated, have made that decision and their is no going back, simple as that.

I really want to know focus on spreading solutions, spreading ways in which to empower ourselves. But even with that desire, I still find myself tipping the balance. Because, I just want people to research more, to prioritize their health and well being more.

To make a stand for their freedom. To stand up and say enough is enough, I want to scream from the rooftops, how we only need to scratch the surface to realize that the narrative that is being pushed on us, is bullshit.


Mind Control

But I don't, because I do not want to be another preacher, forcing my way onto others. Everyone needs to find their own way and that is really what it boils down to, allowing others to find their own way.

But fuck, it is not easy to stand back and watch people make uninformed decisions, decisions that really affect us all! But everything needs to be allowed to run it's course, for sure it is not going to be easy, but everyone needs to be allowed to decide for themselves, I just really wish they making informed decisions and not going on what the media is telling them.

Because at the moment it is the media that has the most power at the moment, the most influence. The amount of times I have had in depth and lengthy conversations with those close with me, doing my best to spread awareness, and finally hearing them say 'yeah, actually that does not make sense'. Only to speak to them a couple of weeks later and they are right back, totally wrapped in fear!

I know it's because they watch T.V and listen to the radio!

So what to do, it's a pointless battle in a way, because they have, ultimately made their decision and I really need to respect that. But damn it, it's just not an informed decision!

So I continue to find my way, to find a balance between letting things be, how they are and wanting to spread awareness. I know that we are capable of great things, I know that we live in an amazing world and I know that fear is the greatest disease. I just need to focus more on what I am creating, to allow others to go their own way, but it is not easy.





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