What Does 100% Vaccination Look Like to Stop COVID? Look at HMS Queen Elizabeth

The vaccine against Covid is/was promoted as the only way to stop the allegedly deadly virus, to stop the alleged pandemic. The media and the government was proud to tout the so called reliable data from the pharmaceutical manufacturers short-lived trials.

But what does this look like in the real world? Do we have an example of how this plays out?

Imagine you could have an isolated area where everyone was fully vaccinated, wouldn't that be an ideal way to know if these vaccines work?


Well you can take a look at Royal Navy’s flagship HMS Queen Elizabeth carrier:

The virus has spread through the strike group’s 3,700 strength crew despite them being fully vaccinated. “As part of routine testing, a small number of crew from the Carrier Strike Group have tested positive for Covid-19,” a Royal Navy spokesman confirmed in a statement.

Yes, that's right. All of them were fully vaccinated.

Now, either these vaccines don't work, which is the case and is even shown in the studies which only looked at reducing mild symptoms, not preventing hospitalizations or deaths. We'll people keep testing positive, summoned of hospitalize, and some end up dead who have gotten double injected.

Or, having a PCR test positive results doesn't really mean much when there's 97% false positivity rate when you go above 35 cycle thresholds which most labs are doing. Unless you are breakthrough case of being vaccinated, when they set their cycle threshold limit at 28 or so which automatically reduces the amount of PCR test positive results for the vaccinated only.

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