Coronavirus: WHO – Nucleus of a Global Government and the Russian Illusions

I doubt that any of you who read carefully these texts I’m sending about coronavirus, is not aware of one serious fact: WHO is chosen to be a nucleus of a Global Government. And if anybody still asks why, the answer is simple…

World Health Organization (WHO) today is the only organization under the UN umbrella that can effectively command to the UN member states any behavior, whether it be foolish, senseless or harmful. Yes, even Russia. The person who currently commands Russia in the name of WHO is called Melita Vujnović So, whatever was not possible with sanctions, pressures, propaganda, terrorist attacks, instilling wars… became possible with a tiny virus and WHO.

That was a real reason the large financial capital – a private capital with Bill Gates as a leader – has taken over WHO. After the U.S. has stopped funding WHO, its greatest ‘sponsor’ is – Bill Gates. A private owner always chose a CEO. And Gates did it. At the top of this corrupt organization we have adequately corrupt man: Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

This is the first man at the top of WHO who actually is not physician but biologist. No big deal, right? Well, as a Minister of Health of Ethiopia (2005–2012), Tedros was accused of covering up the epidemics of cholera in order to avoid embarrassing the two African regimes – of Ethiopia and Sudan. His opponents even compiled 70 page document opposing to his candidacy. But during his Health Minister tenure, Tedros was also able to form a close relationship with prominent figures including former American president Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Oh, did I mention Dr. Tedros in his young days was a highly positioned member of a terrorist group? Like third ftom the top? And have a bit of genocidal experience? Just the right man for the top job at ‘philanthropic’ foundations!

Now, when a ‘philanthropist’ acquire a powerful organization that can influence every government in the World, and have just the right man at the top, he only needs a serious health crisis at the global level to take over the World. Unfortunately, God never (nor ever will) creates an extinction viruses. God’s job is restoring balance on the planet only, not extermination. So, ‘philanthropist’ has to take God’s position, and produce ‘deadly’ pandemic out of a common flu virus. His right man at the top will declare it, all the corrupt corporate media will pick the story up, take it to insane level, and soon someone will ask for a global government, as the only way to cope with the global health crisis… And scared sheeple will gladly consent to it and beg for a ‘sanative’ vaccine. Mental Engineering on How to Train Your Mind for the New World has already begun.

Really, I cannot imagine why over 400,000 people in U.S. wants an Investigations Into The "Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation" For Medical Malpractice & Crimes Against Humanity.

We20200424_222800.jpgClick the pic, sign a petition

Why does Russia comply to this obvious and evil plan? Why do they accept WHO representative and her’s insane measures? Why don’t they follow clear examples of Sweden and Belarus? I only can speculate. I think Russia, despite the great diplomacy run in the last 20 years, still has a naive conception of returning things back to the ‘International Law’ boundaries made after the WWII. Wrong thinking. This ‘rule based’ system cannot be saved. It has to be destroyed, and new, humane mechanisms must be established.

We already and irreversibly are in the interim period where the rule goes like this:

He who does not allow you to live normally today will not allow you to live at all tomorrow.

* * *

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