Coronavirus: The World of Lies


As we are seeing a flood of evidences that Covid-19 was a global scam, we are witnessing a greater efforts from the corporate media to cover their lies with even bigger ones, while trying to avert any mention of responsibility…

Let’s start with another big lie discovered. On June 1st, Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity has published a text by Daniele Pozzati, entitled German Official Leaks Report Denouncing Corona as ‘A Global False Alarm’, in which you can find a story about the 93-pages long report titled “Analysis of the Crisis Management”. In short, experts, scientists gathered to assess the measures against the coronavirus and consequences of the so called ‘Crisis Management’. Their conclusions are absolutely fascinating. You may imagine they have told the truth about the virus:

  • The dangerousness of Covid-19 was overestimated: probably at no point did the danger posed by the new virus go beyond the normal level.
  • The people who die from Corona are essentially those who would statistically die this year, because they have reached the end of their lives and their weakened bodies can no longer cope with any random everyday stress (including the approximately 150 viruses currently in circulation).
  • Worldwide, within a quarter of a year, there has been no more than 250,000 deaths from Covid-19, compared to 1.5 million deaths (25,100 in Germany) during the influenza wave 2017/18.
  • The danger is obviously no greater than that of many other viruses. There is no evidence that this was more than a false alarm.
  • A reproach could go along these lines: During the Corona crisis the State has proved itself as one of the biggest producers of Fake News.

Whoever followed the texts in the Deep Dives community, already knew this. But now comes the other part of the report, which focuses on the “manifold and heavy consequences of the Corona measures” and warns that these are “grave” with the side-effects of the Corona crisis that will last for years.

Here is the original report in German, under the title KM4 Analyse des Krisenmanagements.

Germany’s federal government together with their corporate media, tried to dismiss the report as “the work of a single employee who has expressed his own opinion”, and to cover the truth – that more people are dying because of state-imposed Corona-measures than they are being killed by the virus! But on May 23th German newspaper “Das Bild” published a dramatic text entitled: “Dramatic consequences of the Corona-Measures: 52,000 Cancer Ops delayed.”

WHO are the killers!

German experts had exposed criminal policy and its victims from the medical point of view. The economic victims will unfold in the forthcoming period. It is, however, much harder to pinpoint personal responsibility for deaths that have already occurred and the ones that will unfold in the coming years. Hard, but not impossible. We can already determine one group of those responsible. Those are plutocrat puppets at the very top oh WHO, designated as a core of future World government. Now we have a concrete evidence.

Namely, in a completely astonishing revelation, WHO was forced to admit that a study they relied on, which removed hydroxychloroquine from a list of COVID-19 therapies for further study, was entirely fictional. It was based on a fake Lancet study, which was based on a fake data by an obscure U.S. company by the name of Surgisphere, whose employees appear to include a sci-fi writer and adult content model! A porn-star!

I know it sounds too incredible to believe, but here are the results of The Guardian reporters investigation:

The World Health Organization and a number of national governments have changed their Covid-19 policies and treatments on the basis of flawed data from a little-known US healthcare analytics company, also calling into question the integrity of key studies published in some of the world’s most prestigious medical journals.

A Guardian investigation can reveal the US-based company Surgisphere, whose handful of employees appear to include a science fiction writer and an adult-content model, has provided data for multiple studies on Covid-19 co-authored by its chief executive, but has so far failed to adequately explain its data or methodology.

Full text of the article entitled Surgisphere: governments and WHO changed Covid-19 policy based on suspect data from tiny US company reveals some names behind the scam, for example, Surgisphere’s chief executive:

Sapan Desai, the chief executive of Surgisphere. Photograph: Gore Medical

Desai has been named in three medical malpractice suits prior to this affair, and he undoubtedly deserves another Court hearing. But to lay the blame only on him, would be just a cover up for the much larger criminals who organized this fraud and in collusion with the governments, and provided it with global support in the corporate media.

Of course, if there was a rule of law, all the WHO Executive Board and its Director-General should be tried because of the consequence of unnecessarily killing tens of thousands of COVID-19 patients especially in the US, where hospitals in New York and Los Angeles have refused to use the lifesaving drug hydroxychloroquine. It was done despite the fact that French professor Didier Raoult has proven his therapy effective beyond a shadow of doubt. The reason? This therapy, being very simple and cheap (around $3), directly contradicted to the interests of big Pharma, with their monstrous plans to vaccinate entire population of the planet… every few years!

It is not the question should those who have choose a porn star over a medicine professor, finish behind bars. The question is: “who will put WHO behind bars?”

Words vs. acts

Two days ago, David William Pear from the wrote an inspirational piece entitled Medical Martial Law: Liberalism’s Final Capitulation. As much as I can agree with the author on the facts he stated, I will state here my doubts.

Liberals have made “liberal” a dirty word. They cannot hide behind the identity of progressive. There is nothing liberal or progressive about making bargains with the corporatists, fascists, and the corrupt power elites. It is time to bury the putrid body of the liberal class. It has already become a biohazard more dangerous than any virus.


I have to say that through history, every monstrous idea always put the clothes of humanity. Labeling something as ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive’ is just a media stunt to justify atrocious policy. Like Hitler did it naming his party National Socialist. Or Stalin, calling his system Communism. In both cases, those were highly centralized regimes that didn’t allow freedom outside of party interests.

‘Liberalism’ may have been dead as an idea, but it will continue to suck the blood of all nations as a vampire until the people (or demons) behind this monstrous idea are held responsible. The words, no matter how beautiful they are, won’t change a thing. The actions are needed.

The lies are in the open, but the question persists:

Do we, as a nations, as a free people of this planet, have enough power and determination to enforce responsibility?

Governments are obviously in the hands of criminals and liars. As long as criminals and liars can do their job with impunity, all the bad things in your life will get progressively worse… That’s how great wars start.

* * *

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