Coronavirus: The Dance of a Globalist Vampires

In a recent text only in Serbian, from March 18th, titled The Last Twitch of Globalism? I have put the end of globalist ideology under the question mark, because I was not sure in its imminent demise. Well, those vampires are back with the vengeance…

The best known vampire, an executive puppet of the globalist vampire ideologists, felt the need to brag about his project and the current situation:


In the interview for the LifeSiteNews on May 15th, he has indicated that the coronavirus pandemic paves the way for societal changes previously thought impossible, calling it “the crisis of my lifetime.” Soros had lived through the Second World War as a youth.

“Even before the pandemic hit, I realized that we were in a revolutionary moment where what would be impossible or even inconceivable in normal times had become not only possible, but probably absolutely necessary”
– George Soros

The globalist project is not endangered by this faux health crisis. On the contrary, coronavirus scam has been a tool of globalists for a final push to control the planet. It was just an illusion that the Project was endangered, because of the decline of the Empire. In truth, the Project is going quite fine, independetly of USA. And it is used to “tune up” political theater to its own likings:

Total US detahsphoto_20200525_233008.jpg

Trump’s ideas are not even a minor nuisance, since the Project already has solved the problem of financing the global government. Say what? Who is ‘the global government?’ That’s right – WHO is! World Health Organization is not a global public health service, but an instrument of the large capital for managing the actions of all the world’s governments. You can clearly see it from their contributors list, updated until Q4-2019:

002.Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation12.12%
003.GAVI Alliance8.18%
007.Rotary International3.32%
008.European Commision3.05%
009.World Bank3%
011.National Philanthropic Trust2.53%

Even if Trump pulls US’ 400 million dollars, largest financial capital will fill that hole with ease. Furthermore, you have a clear intention of China to take over the Globalist Project:

China will provide $2 billion over two years to fight the coronavirus pandemic, President Xi Jinping said Monday [May 18th], rallying around the World Health Organization and its efforts even as the Trump administration has slashed funding for the U.N. health agency.

In the meantime, US globalists will invest $100 BILLION dollars through that HR6666 Tracing Bill aimed to control/track population. Let our @BenSwann explain to you:

Duration: 15:12

The whole story of Trump as a liberator is another globalist scam. Sheeple will not take any action while they are expecting someone else, like Trump, will do it. Well, he won’t. There is no clash between sovereignists and globalists. There is only an illusion of it, created by the Globalist Project.

As in the horror movie directed by Roman Polanski “Dance of the Vampires”, just when you think it’s over – it is not. You can’t delegate a clown like Donald Trump and his criminal administration, to deal with the vampires. They are in service of the vampires, and you are you waiting in vain for the arrests.

Only the people awakened by the obvious events, can drive a stake through the black heart of a vampire. The trouble is: Awakening never comes before a great misfortune happens…

* * *

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