Coronavirus Hoax and the Hunger Virus

Coronavirus hoax is not just a benign pickpocketing scam. Coronavirus hoax kills. It kills because a great number of people with serious illnesess who need medical care cannot get it because – the coronavirus is a priority. Worse. It covers a massive program of extermination the poorest population all over the World…

Corporate media hullabaloo around the coronavirus hoax deafens any voice that could tell you the truth about the real danger – a capitalist murderous system. A random look at the internet address on the 14th day of July 2020 shows that this year to date, you have 31.5 million deaths. Even with outrageously inflated numbers of Covid-19 deaths, it can’t even come close to, for example, tuberculosis, which kills over 1.5 million people every year, all over the World. Why there isn’t a Tuberculosis pandemic then? Because it is not scary enough. And it can’t sell you a mandatory vaccine every year. Then you have 723,371 road traffic accident fatalities so far this year. Yes, you have more chance to die in a car accident than of Covid-19. Shall we stop global traffic because of it? You have 2,678,865 deaths caused by smoking this year (five times more than Covid-19), and we didn’t outlaw smoking so far. Why? Because a massive tobacco industry corporations are earning massive profits on the death of population. Cancer has killed over 4.4 million people this year. We have a hidden genocide with 22,792,850 abortions so far this year… and every year. Imagine the joy of Malthusian scum. You also have around equal chance to die from Malaria, or to commit suicide, as you have with Covid-19…

But this is a text about one specific way of extermination – hunger. Capitalist greed leaves every year more people without a sustenance. At the current, there are 844,458,196 undernourished people in the World this year, and 6 million people who died of hunger this year. It makes over 22,000 people DAILY! And it gets even worse. On July 9th, Oxfam warned that there could be 121 million more people pushed to the brink of starvation this year with another 12,000 deaths PER DAY from Covid-19 linked hunger by end of this year – potentially much more than the disease!

Duration: 3:40

Instead of curing the main problem, globalist puppet governments all over the World are doing just the opposite – they are delibarately making a situation much worse in the interests of their plutocratic masters. All the corporate media, also in the ownership of plutocrats, will not even mention The Hunger Virus or show you the data. They are too busy with taking over your every right as a free man, because of ‘health crisis’. And they certainly will not mention deadly capitalist greed virus which feeds on the extermination of entire nations…

native americans final.jpg
Courtesy by Ljubodrag Simonović, PhD

This criminal plan is now clearly visible and it allows quite precise predicting of the future events. Anyone who says that there is no conspiracy is either complete ignorant, or is a part of conspiracy. You must not trust to your government. Coronavirus hoax unmistakably disclosed which governments are made of globalist puppets. It’s a terrifying fact that you can count governments of a free nations using fingers of one hand only. And I’m not saying those governments are not corrupt. We cannot assume that in advance. Those handful are just not blindly following the globalist government (WHO) instructions.

Sta vlada obecavag7GBiRTGJ3sXuR8qa6sW99EREi8.jpg

What is ahead of us?

So, now it is not hard to see the future. The things are obviously projected to get worse. If you don’t believe me, listen to the man who has convincigly predicted the events during coronavirus hoax, Dr. Vernon Coleman, and watch his space for a survival plan that is coming soon:

Duration: 10:27

Hiding the truth about the mass hunger using coronavirus hoax is just an ‘easier’ part of a cruel ‘plunder & exterminate’ criminal plan, that is, in fact, entering its final phase. Nobody of us alone will be able to oppose that plan. We need unity, a functional organization, and we need a vision of the fundamentally new world. Now is the time to ask yourself: How can I contribute?

The last point

Coronavirus hoax has effectively hidden another important thing – the fate of of Julian Assange. It seem that all the people were too busy with their own destiny to think what is with him. Well, his destiny is a mirror of yours…

Please, don’t forget Julian Assange!

* * *

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