Tanzanian President Reported Dead Following Repeated Refusal to Vaccinate Population


On Wednesday, the Tanzanian Vice President announced that President John Magafuli had died from heart failure, passing away in a hospital in Dar es Salaam where he had been admitted on Sunday and was being treated for heart disease, an ailment he had been battling for over 10 years.

“Dear Tanzanians, it is sad to announce that today 17 March 2021 around 6 p.m. we lost our brave leader, President John Magufuli who died from heart disease at Mzena hospital in Dar es Salaam where he was getting treatment," the vice president said on state broadcaster TBC.

Vice President Samia Suluhu Hassan will now assume the office of presidency to become Tanzania’s first female president, serving out the remainder of the former president’s term.

Normally, the mainstream media wouldn’t bat an eyelash over the death of an African leader, but the circumstances of the untimely death of this 61 y/o African president are unusual, and so this story has made headlines in just about every western establishment outlet under the sun, in some even receiving coverage for multiple days in a row.

You see, John Magufuli wasn’t just you’re standard run of the mill African leader, he was a populist president acclaimed for his fight against government corruption and staunch nationalist stance, and was one of the few world leaders to take a firm stance against the Covid1984 global technocratic takeover. His no-nonsense approach to leadership that got things done for his country earned him the nickname, “The Bulldozer.”

Not only has Magufuli been an extremely popular leader among his people, but he has been a constant thorn in the side of all those pushing the Orwellian Covid1984 agenda, and had become somewhat of an icon in the resistance to this tyrannical new world order. In May, he understandably ordered that his government stop reporting ‘Covid19’ cases after samples of papaya and goat meat he had sent to labs came back as positive, rightly calling out the PCR testing campaign a scam perpetrated by the “imperialists.” He also refused to order economic lockdowns, stating that his country already deals with the far deadlier HIV virus every day, and that he was not going to allow the mass harm and devastation caused by lockdowns under his watch. He also eschewed masks and social distancing, advocated fighting the ‘virus’ with prayer, by eating more fruits and vegetables, and with the use of the popular herbal remedy formulated in Madagascar and used across much of Africa with great success, along with herbal infused steam treatment, all cheap (or free) methods of combatting disease that don’t profit Big Pharma.

Quite simply, this man was one of the very few political leaders who refused to bow to the demands of the US Empire and worship at the alter of the new global religion of ‘science’, and in this light his being hailed as a courageous leader takes on a much deeper meaning, for we all know what typically happens to all leaders who dare stand up to the almighty Empire, eventually - just look at Libya’s Ghadafi who was dragged out into the streets and brutally murdered by US-supported terrorists, or the destruction of Syria by US-supported terrorist proxy armies aimed at taking out President Bashar al-Assad.

But it was Magufuli’s staunch anti-vaccine stance and his government’s refusal to enroll his country in the global covid vaccination campaign that really drew the ire of the global policy makers and propagandists, a stance that stood to short the Big Pharma profiteers of 60 million customers, and this is totally unacceptable for Bill Gates and his merry band of vaccine pushers who remain more adamant than ever that every man, woman and child on this earth must receive one of the new experimental injections (and two of these, no less), which are, by the way, not even vaccines at all.

The establishment media was quick to ensure that all reporting of this death included associating it with denigration of the man as Africa’s ‘Covid-denying’ leader or similar phraseology to paint him as the ‘bad guy’ in the ‘fight against the coronavirus’, in some cases seemingly insinuating the ‘virus’ targeted him as punishment for his ‘denialism’; just see a few examples of the mainstream headlines below (middle one is from The Guardian):




The quickest overview of mainstream reporting on this story will show anyone who hasn’t completely shut down their brain just how absurd the biased and laughable establishment coverage has become, with the media alternating between labeling Magufuli as an all-out Covid/Coronavirus ‘denier’ who fueled coronavirus ‘denialism’ and ‘dangerous conspiracies’, and also as peddling ‘unproven treatments’ for the ‘virus’, as if it is actually possible that someone who denies the existence of a virus and associated disease could at the very same time also urge his people to use unconventional ‘unapproved’ treatments to fight that same virus/disease! The BBC is a wonderful example of a single outlet peddling both of these two contradictory narratives at the same time, in one paragraph railing against the man for urging constituents to rely upon prayer and herbal steam treatments to fight the ‘virus’, immediately followed by a link to a related BBC article published the day before with a headline describing him as the ‘president who denied coronavirus’!


With one accord, the entire establishment media apparatus has joined forces to attack this brave leader for allegedly doing exactly what they themselves alongside puppet politicians and all the technocratic social engineers driving this agenda have been verifiably doing for an entire year now - making claims and pushing medical interventions that are not based upon real science or medical research, and which demonstrably cause massive harm and suffering to the people.

They berate the African leader for halting the country’s reporting of cases and his associated claims that the PCR tests are faulty, and yet they themselves have admitted that the high cycle thresholds being used in the West are giving out 90+% rate of false positives, and still they continue to rely upon the reported cases based almost exclusively upon ‘diagnosis’ by these same faulty tests that are labeled as ‘not meant for diagnostic procedures’, and push PCR testing and the associated reporting of data as vitally important in ‘fighting’ this ‘pandemic’ (when in reality, all it does is perpetuate the nonexistent ‘pandemic’ that in reality never was). They berate the African leader for pushing alternative treatments they claim are unproven and not based upon science, and yet they virulently push an unapproved experimental ‘vaccine’ that isn’t even a vaccine at all as the ‘final solution’. They berate the African leader for refusing to lockdown his society and blame this refusal to cooperate with imperialist demands for causing an untold amount of suffering and death, while at the same time ignoring the widespread suffering and death absolutely known to be caused by the lockdowns they so adamantly pushed as the ‘solution’ (and still do), even as data now clearly shows that lockdowns did nothing to stop the spread of the ‘virus’ and may have in fact made it worse.

The media is widely circulating the unconfirmed rumors that Magufuli actually died of ‘Covid19’ as a plausible alternative to the official Tanzanian reports, and at the same time a number of strange circumstances surrounding this death also begs the question if there may in fact be more to this story than we are being told. According to the media reports, an unusual absence from the public eye since his last public appearance on February 27 led many to speculate that he had come down with coronavirus. Opposition leader Tundu Lissu, who lost the recent election which he also claims was rigged, led the charge in this regard, claiming not only only that the president had caught the virus, but that sources informed him the leader had flown to Kenya where he was being treated for ‘Covid19’, before being moved to India in a Coma , and that he had actually died on March 10, not March 17!

So the actual circumstances of Mugufuli’s death are unclear to say the least, and some would even argue there is in fact no clear evidence that he has even died. Many other rumors circulating before the announcement of his death are summarily ignored in western media circles because they don’t fit the narrative, but are as worthy of being entertained as the others for anyone actually seeking out the truth. In any event, there is certainly a case to be made that some sort of conspiracy is at play here, but it is difficult to do much more than speculate about various possibilities with the limited evidence available to us here in the West. For now it is enough to point out that the circumstances surrounding this death are unclear, and that the mainstream media has no issues openly entertaining one particular ‘conspiracy theory’ that just so happens to fit the establishment narrative as a viable theory, while entirely ignoring all others that are being openly talked about in African media and ‘conspiracy’ circles, which we will come back to shortly. What is absolutely clear, however, is that Magufuli’s wholesale rejection of the experimental ‘vaccine’ was totally unacceptable to the establishment and Bill Gates’ plan to vaccinate the whole world being rolled out under the guise of fighting this non-pandemic.

John Magufuli has consistently been one of the most outspoken critics of the new global vaccination campaign, and Tanzanian health authorities have insisted that they will not be enrolling in Gates’ COVAX program run by the WHO, which is aimed at supplying cheap injections to the world’s poorest populations, and that it has no intention of purchasing or supplying any of the new experimental injections to the Tanzanian population, citing safety concerns.

These safety concerns are now shared by over 20 countries, mostly in Europe, who have recently suspended or delayed vaccination with the new AstraZenecca injections based on evidence they are causing blood clots and even death. The COVAX program is busy distributing this particular ‘vaccine’ now being widely used in the UK but not yet authorized for emergency use in the US (slated to receive approval by the end of the month). Italian authorities seized multiple batches of the injection following the deaths of three vaccinated Italians, and a manslaughter case was was even opened against unnamed persons (likely associated with AstraZeneca) following the death of one of these, a 57 y/o music teacher who died shortly after injection, with a separate investigation into the cause of death also launched, and all AstraZeneca injections have since been suspended in the country. There are also several other African countries that have joined Tanzania in rejecting all of these experimental vaccines outright, and Magufuli was seen by the vaccine-pushers as a major source of influence in the region in this regard, having gained the respect of many fellow African leaders across the continent in his short time in office.

In a public speech at a large rally in mid February, Magufuli urged his countrymen to reject the experimental injections, telling supporters not to be used as “guinea pigs” for Western vaccine manufacturers, warning that the dangers outweighed the alleged benefits. “Those vaccines don’t work; they are not good. If they were, then the white man would have brought vaccines for HIV/AIDS," he said. "Tanzanians should be careful with these imported things. You should not think that they love you a lot. This nation is rich, Africa is rich, everyone wants some of it."

He is not wrong to be skeptical, for past Gates’ sponsored vaccination campaigns across Africa have been extremely deadly, with the oral polio vaccine and DTP shot being prime examples. At the same time it has also been quietly admitted that this vaccination campaign is indeed a massive de-facto human vaccine trial of an unapproved, under tested experimental injection featuring brand new ‘mRNA vaccine technology’, with all of humanity as the guinea pigs.

The Gates’-sponsored WHO and establishment media across the board nonetheless continue to this day to repeat the lie that all vaccines are unilaterally safe and effective, and immediately responded to this flagrant act of resistance to the technocratic agenda, with the Director General repeating demands that the country prepare for vaccination, begin implementing the draconian Covid1984 measures accepted elsewhere, and begin reporting data on so-called ‘cases’ again.

At the same time, the Wall Street Journal published a propaganda piece entitled, “Tanzania Shunned Lockdowns, Now It’s Rejecting Covid-19 Vaccines”, in which it cited a Tanzanian opposition leader echoing WHO’s demands for the country to begin vaccinating it’s population.

“What we need as a country are coronavirus vaccines, not reckless talk,” said Zitto Kabwe, head of the opposition Alliance for Change and Transparency party. “This kind of talk has already led to massive deaths.”

In reality, the kind of talk that we know has already lead to massive deaths is the kind of talk that got over half the world to implement destructive poverty-inducing lockdowns, and the kind of talk insisting that the increasingly apparent dangers of these clearly dangerous experimental injections are denied and ignored, as we are told the shots are a proven ‘safe’ and ‘effective’ vaccine, when they have not been proven to be truly safe or effective at all, and are not even truly vaccines.

Previously, on February 8, The Guardian published a Gates’ sponsored hit piece, entitled, “It’s time for Africa to reign in Tanzania’s anti-vaxxer president”.


“Magufuli sticks bizarrely to asserting that Covid is a hoax,” the author writes. “Instead of supporting [destructive] lockdowns, and encouraging [useless, harmful] mask wearing as we prepare to mark the sombre anniversary of one year since the [so-called] virus arrived in Africa, he has chosen to directly contradict [demonstrably dangerous and ineffective] local, regional and international efforts to defeat it.”

Further on the author muses: “You really have to wonder, just what is wrong with Magufuli?”

The answer is self evident, what is ‘wrong’ with Magufuli is that he won’t bow to the insane Covid1984 agenda, and stands in the way of all those who are for whatever reason so desperate to vaccinate the entire global population with an unapproved experimental ‘vaccine’ that admittedly won’t stop the spread or prevent infection of a ‘virus’ that has a 99.9% survival rate in the general healthy population, and hasn’t even been tested to reduce severe symptoms!

The conclusion of those who insisted that Africa “reign in Tanzania’s anti-vaxxer president” was this:

“Magufuli...is still fuelling anti-vaxxers as the pandemic and its new variants continue to play out. He needs to be challenged openly and directly.

As recently as February 26, the “US urges Tanzania to embrace COVID-19 vaccines, share data,” the AP reported.

From Gates’-sponsored media to the Gates’-sponsored WHO, to the US empire itself, the message to Tanzania in the month leading up to Magufuli’s reported death was clear: All of Africa must accept this ‘vaccine’ and push it on its citizens, and those like the Tanzanian president who stand in the way of that agenda must be ‘reigned in’, they must be “challenged...directly.”

Then, the very next day after the US message was given also just so happened to also be the very last day the Tanzanian president was publicly seen, mysteriously disappearing in a highly unusual manner less than 48 hours after the US demanded that he cave to its imperial demands. Then he turns up dead. Maybe the timing is purely coincidental, maybe it’s all just coincidence after coincidence, or maybe there is more to this story than initially meets the eye. It is causing quite a few to wonder...


The media message in the wake of his reported death was, at least as relayed by some, that he ‘got what he deserved’ for not going along with the agenda. This is seen in the BBC article linked below.


It concludes with the following words, just as the title suggests, that his death effectively serves as a “cautionary tale” for anyone who dares stand up to the Covid1984 agenda.

Mr Magufuli's death has been blamed on "heart problems" but many will still suspect that he succumbed to Covid-19.

It is an irony that the pandemic he strenuously denied has outlasted him, turning his once-heralded presidency into a cautionary tale for the region and the continent.

But there are those not buying this particular BBC conspiracy drivel...


Nevertheless the leader’s biggest political opponent, also clearly a staunch supporter of the new world globalist agenda, was even more direct in this regard, straight up calling his death “poetic justice.” From the AP’s report on this story, we read:

“It’s poetic justice,” opposition leader Tundu Lissu said Thursday of Magufuli’s death, alleging that he succumbed to COVID-19.

“President Magufuli defied the world on the struggle against COVID-19. He defied the East African community, he defied all our neighbors. He defied science. He refused to take the basic precautions that people all over the world are being told to take in the fight against COVID-19,” said Lissu, on the Kenya Television Network.

“He did not wear a face mask. He actually denigrated anyone who wore a face mask. He did not believe in vaccines. He did not believe in science. He placed his faith in faith healers and herbal concoctions of dubious medical value.” said Lissu. “And what has happened? He went down with COVID-19. And now they are telling us he had heart disease. It is corona.”

Is it possible that this “poetic justice” was in fact served up, not by a virus that to this day still hasn’t been proven to exist, but rather by the same ones responsible for insisting that this leader be ‘reigned in’ just a month earlier, the same ones who repeatedly insisted that he prepare his country for vaccination and who have been shown will stop at nothing to ensure that their plans to vaccinate the entire global population are not hindered? Is it possible that he was disappeared on February 27 or 28, and that all of the associated rumors were attempts by various parties to explain away this unusual disappearance?

Because the theory being pushed by his political opponents and the mainstream media, that he died by coronavirus, this isn’t the only competing theory to the official story told by the Tanzanian Vice President, and the rumors that this theory was based upon weren’t the only rumors swirling in the wake of this man’s disappearance up to the public announcement of his reported death.

It is certainly possible that he simply succumbed to heart disease he had been battling for over a decade, and it is also possible he caught a virus that hasn’t been proven to exist, and subsequently died by a disease this virus hasn’t been proven to cause, although this seem a bit less likely. But it is the obvious theory that an establishment desperate to perpetuate a crumbling pandemic narrative would naturally gravitate towards or invent. It is interesting that this particular theory was mainly fueled by rumors said to have been started by chief political opponent who also happened to be a big supporter of the technocratic western agenda, who relied upon unnamed sources for his story.

But then again it is also possible that this man was disappeared and removed from power by those to whom his policies directly challenged. If any of the rumors associated with the coronavirus theory are correct, then there are many times where such a disappearance could have occurred, such as the initial disappearance from public view with the entire alternate narrative acting as cover. Or, if he had been initially flown to Kenya, his subsequent transference to India or another unknown country while ‘in a coma’ could have been the point of his forcible disappearance, with the March 10 ‘death’ not a natural death at all but caused by parties responsible for mysteriously whisking him away from Kenya to wherever they took him.. This does indeed seem to be a strange turn of events, if he had simply gone to Kenya for treatment after coming down with a common and not so deadly virus. At the same time, even if he was suffering from heart failure and was incapacitated, there wouldn’t have been much he could have done to stop a hostile force from silently injecting him with some kind of poison and no one would ever be the wiser if, say, the CIA had turned someone close to him or simply snuck into the hospital wherever he was. There are no shortage of ways he could have been offed were he incapacitated from any serious condition.

But there is another possibility as well, one that few have considered, and that is that he or his associates became aware of such a plot to take him out, and that he was actually disappeared by his own intelligence services, and at least some of the various circulating rumors were spread by his allies to confuse his enemies. Highly unlikely I would wager, but worth considering if one wishes to look at all the possibilities.

While the western establishment won’t dare entertain any of these competing conspiracy theories, The Africa Report published an interesting and revealing piece that covered a number of these competing rumors on the day of the president’s death, presumably just hours before his reported death was publicly announced based upon how it reads, and it appears to do so in a fairly logical and unbiased fashion. As the author points out in his introductory words:

It seems almost impossible in this age of social media and ubiquitous camera phones, but no one seems to know where – or how – Tanzanian President John Magufuli is.

In a world where our almost every move is subject to some form of digital tracking, it is remarkable that a president could have been moved around the globe – or hidden away at home – with the international community and media none the wiser.

This is the first clue that something highly unusual, whether sinister or otherwise, is going on with the disappearance of this populist leader. Furthermore, as the mainstream media outlets are quick to point out, the Tanzanian government cracked down on anyone in the country who was spreading what it deemed to be “hateful” rumors that Magufuli was ill, even arresting some Tanzanians for publicly spreading the rumors that he had coronavirus. This could simply be the beginning stages of an increasingly authoritarian state cracking down on dissent to keep the official narrative in check, but it could also be that he indeed wasn’t sick, at least not initially - either only falling ill days before his reported death as officially reported, which doesn’t explain his earlier disappearance, or that he wasn’t sick at all.

Nic Cheeseman, author of The Africa Times piece believes that, “although the various rumours suggest very different physical locations for President Magufuli, the vast majority agree on one thing: he is either very badly ill, incapacitated, or dead.”

It is possible, then, that he could have been incapacitated or killed by agents of the western empire, as we know the CIA’s web of influence is international in scope, that it has been responsible for planning, orchestrating and even directly carrying out such hits in the past on a fairly regular basis, and that it has agents throughout the region.

Taken together with the fact that the president could easily dispel the rumours with a brief public appearance, it seems to be a pretty solid guess that parts of the Tanzanian government think that a transition from one leader to another may be needed and are buying time to stage manage the process.

This is an interesting observation, for there are several reasons the Tanzanian government would think a transition from one leader to another would be necessary, with the president already having been ‘taken out’ by shadowy opposition forces only one such plausible reason. Of course another reason being if he had indeed fallen seriously ill with some virus or heart disease with a low chance of surviving, but there is a third reason, and that is if his disappearance had been staged by men within his own ranks to save him from imminent danger posed by those who may have been planning to take him out. Another widely circulated rumor actually does appear to support this third theory.

Yet fighting for space against all of these narratives was a very different rumour: that President Magufuli was incapacitated in an intelligence services hospital in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s largest city and former capital.

According to this narrative, the story that Magufuli had been flown to Kenya was invented by the Tanzania Intelligence and Security Service (TISS) in order to throw people off the scent of the true story, and to buy time to influence the political transition in its own favour.

At first glance, this seems to align with the official Tanzanian narrative that he had fallen ill and was hospitalized in Dar es Salaam, and yet even this story of a president incapacitated in the hospital could have been intentionally circulated as a cover story, and in fact would have to have been in order to support the later story of his death in said hospital. If this were the case, the TISS could have been responsible for circulating the rumors that he had been flown to Kenya, the original sources from which Tundu Lissu got his ‘Covid19’ narrative - essentially being played by his political opponents - and yet at the same time it could have been invented to cover for a planned disappearance of a leader whose life was thought to be in imminent danger of assassination or some other means of removal from power, and that rather than being incapacitated in a hospital had gone into hiding.

Such a scenario would also necessitate a transition of power and an official cover story to usher in that transition of power, and death by heart disease in a hospital in which rumors had already been spread by intelligence/security agents that he was incapacitated would serve as the perfect cover story to do that, particularly considering this man was well known to have been battling heart issues for over a decade. Of course there is no proof that this is the case, nor that his mysterious disappearance was a planned removal by western forces needing to remove a stubborn political adversary who had become a major obstacle to an agenda these same forces are hellbent on implementing at any cost. But then again neither is there proof that Magufuli succumbed to ‘Covid19’ and then mysteriously vanished from a Kenyan hospital where he was taken to India or elsewhere, dying on or around March 10, his body presumably being returned to Tanzania for burial before the official announcement of his reported death came a week later; and yet this is the alternative theory the media is willing to entertain, while ignoring the seemingly equally likely competing alternative theories.

The only thing we know for certain is that Magufuli stood in the way of Bill Gates, arguably the most powerful man on the public stage in the world today, and his plan to vaccinate the whole world; and now Magufuli is out of the way. All of his flaws aside, Magufuli stood up to the technocratic, imperialist Covid1984 agenda, one of the few remaining world leaders to continue to stand strong in his convictions and firm in his refusal to bow to the psychopathic elite who are in the process of staging a complete and total takeover the entire world, his enemies publicly declared that he needed to be ‘reigned in’ so their agenda could move forward, and just over a month later he is conveniently gone.

The question that remains for the imperial establishment and technocratic social engineers that staunchly opposed his reign of resistance to Covid1984 is whether or not the new Tanzanian president will cave to the western pressure, bow to the will of the almighty beast, and join the rest of the world leaders who are acting as the willing agents of profit-driven pharmaceutical giants and totalitarian technocrats who aim to inject the entire world with their new experimental concoction, all too willing to offer their citizenry up as sacrificial guinea pigs on the alter of the new world religion, which they like to call ‘science’.

The pressure will inevitably only continue to be turned up on those who dare resist, Tanzania in particular (as it hosts one of the largest populations in Africa), as the globalist CFR itself warns.

The government will come under renewed pressure from international health agencies to begin reporting data and accept assistance, such as vaccines, from abroad.

Only time will tell if the new leadership will cave to this renewed pressure, but either way the agenda to enslave humanity marches on strong, and all pockets of resistance - like that seen by rare leaders such as Magufuli and millions of common people alike standing up to this insanity all across the planet - are freedom’s only hope, and the only chance we have to bring this march of tyranny to a grinding halt.

We may never know what happened to John Mugufali, but one thing is certain: Africans indeed have no reason at all to trust the West, and the rank hypocrisy on all fronts of this scamdemic should be enough to turn even the most ardent Covid believer into a skeptic, if they would just open their eyes long enough to see the hypocrisy and the questions this hypocrisy begs. Oh yes, and assassinating those who get in the way of this empire’s agendas is the standard modus operandi for the CIA, we should always remember that in times like these.


For more information exposing Bill Gates, his deadly African vaccination campaigns of the past, and his planned global vaccination agenda being rolled out under the guise of fighting the ‘pandemic’, see the eye-opening documentary I put together just before the vaccination campaign was launched last fall:

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