Riot cops quit the team. Portland has no riot response.


Wow. Just wow.

Out of all the crap that happened one cop got a charge from the riots in Oregon.

And now as a result of Portland has completely lost its highly trained crisis response team or rapid response team or whatever they are calling the riot control police.

As a result Portland is now defenseless from wild rampaging mob of crazy people however in this past year we have seen these rampaging mobs carrying guns murdering individuals and proceeding unchecked.

Then on top of it even if the cops do make an arrest pretty much the district attorney doesn't pursue charges and just allows the criminal behavior.

What can Portland do other than slowly rot from the inside.

Some of the small steps like one individual actually catching 5 years of prison have been negated in one fell asleep with an assault in the fourth degree charge by a grand jury indicting an officer.

Now I'll be honest with all the improvised explosive devices and the crazy behavior as well as murders one tiny little charge has now spiraled into a major issue.

And now that major issue is we are completely defenseless in this city. However pretty much this entire year that's been absolutely the game plan for Portland Police in which they allowed the mob to beat Rob and hospitalized a citizen. Yep that's right and there were firearms stolen during that incident.

Well Portland antifa is only going to get bolder and we will see how soon they decide to rampage again.

Now I'm with this grand jury indictment for a tiny little charge where the district attorney has not held up any of our laws just shows how Petty this entire situation has become.

Shame on district attorney Mike Schmidt shame on the Portland City council Members who allow this and shame on of course the antifa and riot enabler mayor Ted wheeler. Don't forget mayor Ted to sell out wheeler tried to go join the riot and was directly personally threatened in public by one of the leaders of the group of rioting criminals....