Climate change is more important than genocide to John Kerry.

Wow I had helped push the Democratic agenda during the 2004 Bush Kerry election and now I really am regretting that.

Detainment facilities as well as re-education camp and Organ harvesting?

Not even Adolph Hitler and the national socialist party of Germany was this sick and twisted.

Yep that's right within 10 years China had become the number one travel destination for any organs on demand worldwide.

And in fact the sheer brutality of butchering living human beings not even under anesthesia while conscious? Then discarding the remains like garbage without any recognition of these human beings humanity.

But China isn't bound to curtail any carbon emissions and in fact is opening up more coal fired electric plants when Obama shut all of ours down. The United States doesn't have any lead smelting factories...

In fact pretty much everything that United States industries rely on from screws to nails to electronics and more is made in China.

These corporations have outsourced American jobs and have supported the Communist Chinese party in doing slave labor.

Oh that's right Apple products came with desperate messages. Women speaking out about forced abortions being locked in cages and women also jumping off of scaffolding to commit suicide.

If you just do a simple search huge amounts of articles time and attention has been devoted to bringing the subject to light however most individuals do not wish to listen.



However instead of actually confronting any of the real problems that we are facing this scam of climate change has been perpetrated by our politicians for profit for decades. We have been forced into being taxed and shamed when everything from the recycling programs to the inefficiencies of electrical vehicles and the increased carbon footprint of when and solar power that has been built by the dirtiest coal factories producing electricity in the world.

Basically China is a toxic waste dump with no worker protections and no environmental protection agency.

China is willing to sell not only its citizens labor but also their organs.

The question is when will the world stand up and end this absolute joke of a government. The absolute travesty that is the Chinese Communist party has backed not only state sponsored terror with the Taliban but also imported Mass amounts of precursor chemicals for the manufacturer of fentanyl and methamphetamines to flood American streets and for the Chinese Communist party too rake in massive profits.

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