Tips for Teachers on Dealing With A Difficult Parent

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Teachers not only have a function to provide the knowledge they have to students, thorough and detailed and precise so that students become smart, no. Teachers are not only in charge of that. still the teacher also functions to be a good role model for all students, they must behave well in dealing with students, especially students who are naughty.

Apart from facing students of various types, teachers also have to deal with parents who also have various types or temperaments. There are good parents who leave their child's education completely to the teacher, do not want to interfere with the internal affairs of the school as long as their children get a fair and decent education.

How to Deal With Difficult Parents

But there are also parents who are the opposite, meaning the type of parents who want their children to receive a proper education, but they do not want to accept if the school punishes their child if their child makes a mistake. So of course this type of parent will often intervene in school rules, then how should the teacher deal with this type of parent?

  • Speak in a polite tone.

Politeness and intonation of speech are important things that must be applied by the teacher when dealing with emotional parents. this will make the moods of those who were initially angry become cooler and calmer. If anger is faced with anger, what happens is world war three, or a fight. Not a solution that will be obtained, but only an argument.

Explain the problem in detail to the parents about the mistakes their child has made. This must be done politely and politely. So that the parents who were very angry at first, can find out the real problem. So they not only know that their child is being punished, but also know about why his son gets punishment.

  • Meet in a public place.

Public places I mean are locations filled with crowded people, the goal is if at any time the parents who are stricken with emotions do things such as hitting, then the other people present will help to break up the argument. if at school, then hold a meeting in the teacher's room, where the teachers gather.

  • Calm down, listen and talk.

If only the parents who came were people who felt great and had important positions, they may issue threats. Now you as a teacher just listen to them talk until the end. Do not cut their sentence even if they swore. After they felt they were quite proficient in speaking then it's time for you to speak, and back to the first point, speak in a polite tone.

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