Soft Skills Education: Education for Children's Success in the Future


Of course we are not unfamiliar with the term skill, this is a skill that is prominent and possessed by a person. Skill v can appear naturally, can also be present because the person has gone through a long process and a lot of experience to be able to master a special skill.

However, skills are divided into two, namely hard skills and soft skills. In this review I will discuss soft skills. These are important soft skills that we must teach children from an early age. Why should soft skills be taught to children? The answer is simple, namely soft skills will play an important role in children's lives in the future. So what are soft skills?

Understanding softskill.

Soft skill is an ability that has a subjective nature, meaning that this skill is difficult to measure and this is what makes soft skill different from hard skill. Soft skill is an ability that leads to character, including how to behave, argue, interacting or communicating with other people, here soft skill is seen as an interpersonal skill.

In short, soft skills are a sociological term that is closely related to personality, emotional intelligence, social skills, social skills, and optimism. Because soft skills are very influential on the procedures of everyday life, so it is important to teach, so what soft skills should we teach children?

Types of soft skills that must be taught to children.

  • Communication.
    As I have reviewed above, one type of soft skill is communication, good communication will have a positive impact in life. Communication is not just sound and words, but there are procedures. Communication referred to in soft skills is someone's ability to express ideas and they are also able to express the ideas they have.

  • Leadership.
    leadership is born because of the quality of good communication in someone, as well as a sense of self-confidence. Leadership is an important aspect of life. because when we have a leadership spirit, of course, we already have a variety of other positive things in us such as good communication, good networking, and so on.

  • Have good ethics.
    This is an important thing in life. Even though many people are smart and have completed their studies to the highest level, this person does not necessarily have good ethics. Ethics is an important aspect because this will have an impact on our relationships with other people. This is one of the important soft skills that we must teach ourselves, as well as our children.

besides the types of soft skills that I have described above There are also several other types of softskills that have an important impact on the future growth of children. among others, are positive and confident, honesty, public speaking skills, problem solving, responsibility, politeness, and others. Soft skills are very important, therefore, this is a mandatory menu that we must have, and teach our children.

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