Developing Student's & kid's Emotional Intelligence


Children's intelligence consists of several aspects, namely intellectual, spiritual, creativity, and no less important is emotional intelligence. Why is emotional intelligence so important for every child, because this emotional intelligence will later affect the formation of a person's personality from their childhood to adulthood.

So, what are the steps that must be taken by parents or teachers to help grow? and develop the emotional intelligence of the child or student? This is actually not difficult, we can do some simple ways to help the development of emotional intelligence in children. What are the stages?

How to develop children's emotional intelligence.

A. Parenting style

The first step that must be taken to develop children's emotional intelligence is to start at home. That is the correct parenting style from parents. There are four parenting styles that can be applied, namely authoritative parenting, this parenting style is warm but firm. Parents will encourage children to be more independent. Next is authoritarian, neglectful parenting, and the last is indulgent parenting.

Of the four types of parenting that I mentioned above, The best parenting to develop children's emotional intelligence is authoritative parenting. Because, this parenting pattern provides a balance between affection, love, warmth, firmness, and discipline.

B. Another technique for developing emotional intelligence

In addition to the above methods, to develop children's emotional intelligence can also be taught in several ways below, and what I will mention can be done by anyone other than parents, especially teachers.

  • Teaches caring.
    Invite children to care more for their fellow human beings, and train them to be happy to share, especially to people who need it more.

  • Practice self-confidence.
    Children with high self-confidence tend to have above average intelligence qualities. Therefore, it is important to make children appear confident.

  • Managing negative emotions
    You can also train emotional intelligence by managing negative emotions that are being felt. We need to teach this to our children, so that they are not affected by these negative emotions. Children should be taught how to manage negative emotions so that they are not controlled by bad things. With good management, it is hoped that these negative emotions will not affect the way you think and act.

Those are the stages that we must do to develop emotional intelligence in children. Besides what I have described, Emotional intelligence can also arise due to a sense of empathy from within the child, good communication skills, and other things.

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