Where do you fit in? Educational posts belong in the education community!

Where do you fit in?

We all have our own writing styles and we know and enjoy what we write. The problem comes in when we have to post and then we are stuck because we don't know which tags to use or even to which community we should post.

The education community started in 2016 on steemit as Steemiteducation. We have successfully supported thousands of educational posts but ever since the real communities started, we have been struggling. Very few people make use of the education tag and very few people post directly to the Education community.

This post is a reminder to everyone that we still exist and we do active curation on a daily basis. Even though our vote is not so strong, we use every cent we earn in our posts to put back into the community account to support you further.

If you write ANYTHING that is remotely educational, you need to follow us and post directly to the community. There are so few posts currently that we have to search under various other communities for educational posts to support.

This makes our lives difficult and totally defeats the purpose of communities on Hive.

Which type of posts do we support?

  • We support ALL educational posts.
  • We support funny and heartwarming stories that can benefit someone else.
  • We support funny classroom stories or just fun stories that are easy to read.
  • Fun experiments or projects that kids could do on their own. (SAFE ones of course!)
  • Fun art projects.
  • How-to posts - eg. How to build something/ how to write a story, etc.
  • Do it yourself posts (DIY)
  • Comprehensions tests, activities, assignments, and assessments in PDF format (printable format) that could be used in a classroom.

Please share this post and tell your friends about us. We need people to support us otherwise there is no longer a need for the educational community and we will close down our operations.

Take note that @edu-venezuela is also a part of our community and if you write Spanish posts, please feel free to post there.

We sincerely hope that we will see some more people using this community because this community is in your hands.

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