Listen to and read the fables and answer the questions - Worksheet for Gr 4

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A fable is a story that is told or written that usually has elements of nature or animals in it to teach you a moral (lesson). A fable is not reality which means it is a made up story.

  • Watch the video and answer the questions (you may watch it more than once to find the answers)


  1. What is a fable?
  2. How are fables put into our culture?
  3. Explain what the characters in a fable is like.
  4. Who was Aesop?
  5. What is a moral?
  6. How can you figure out the moral of a fable?
  7. What is the moral of the story on the dog and his bone?
  8. Find a video of any fable that you like and make sure you can determine the moral of the story and who the characters are.


    Read the following story and answer the questions that follow

    One day the wind and the Sun were having an argument about who was the strongest. They could not come to an agreement and they decided to have a competition to see which one was the strongest.

    The winner would be the one who could get the coat of the man who was walking down the street.

    The wind decided he wanted to try first and he started blowing as hard as he could and started whirling around the man. He was blowing with all his might, but the more the wind blew, the more tightly the man hang on to his coat. He wrapped his coat around himself to prevent it from blowing away.

    The wind was not very happy because he was so strong, but he had to give the Sun a chance to try.

    The Sun shone down gently on the man. The man was getting hotter and he unbuttoned his coat. The sun shone more with all his warmth and light.

    Eventually the man took of his coat and he was glad to be out in the sunshine.

    It is not always being strong and using force that will get you somewhere, sometimes we have to be clever and think logically and for ourselves.

    1. Who was having the competition?
    2. Who are the characters in the story?
    3. What was the competition about?
    4. What did the wind do to get the coat off the man?
    5. What is the setting of the story? (where does it take place>)
    6. What is the difference between a realistic story and an unrealistic story?
    7. What does the fable teach us?

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