Cast Away (2000) :Tom Hanks Awesome Movie Of Inspiration.

Hello, everyone. I am a new member in this community. Cine Tv is a wonderful platform to review movies and talk about movies and tv shows.
So,Warm greetings to everbody.I hope, you all are hale and hearty. Today, I will discuss about an important film noted in my to-do movie list.I watch a lot of movies in my free time. Its a movie of great potential.

I Personally, often think about the usefulnes of watching so many movies at a definite time. At the weekend, I always try to allocate some time to watch at least one movie to satisfy my working experiences.

Look, Movies teach us a lot about our life's story and visualizes a crystal clear view on what we dont get to see in our everydays life. some movies exactly shows up the inherent, untold happiness and distress, weal and woe, memories sad or joyful.In the end, we learn a lot from cine films.

Movies have extraordinary quality of diverting our mind through positive or negative directions. Good movies can help us inprove our lifestyle and thought process, encourage us to do better and pass a true judgement on our choices and shapes our future... yes, good movies have magic....


Recently, I saw a movie named 'Cast Away ",featuring Tom Hanks as the lead role. This movie is quite an exceptional movie, atypical from the other Hollywood movies that we see in cineplex or movie theatre.

Tom hanks is a quality actor, no doubt about that. The way he portrays a character in a movie, his natural act of expressing feelings, the artistic ingenuity he creates when acting on a film, a philosophy that he represents,prove him as a versatile world class actor with natural acting skills. I was pretty amazed to see him doing that...

Cast Away is a movie which has mainly an inspirational theme. The movie starts with a person who was a Fedex officer,busy in his scheduled work.One day, he went to a city, through an airplane for a specific assigned work.
He underwent a plane crash above an ocean shore, landing nearly on a warmy tropical island.
The airliners crew members were all dead accept Tom.

He somehow, managed to save his life by riding and floating on a raft made of handmade steel and took shelter in a deserted island. He was absolutely lonely and helpless. Being seriously injured and causing bruises in his hand and feet in the coral reefs.

First few days were tremendously shocking and fearful. He was lonely, no food to eat, scanty drinking water, nobody to help him rescue out. He was mentally depressed to see that. But, he never lost hope of getting rescued. He continuously made arrangement in that island with ready wit and instilled a new hope of survival. He collected a chopping axe, cut some bamboos, placed them in a round shape to make a shelter. This took him a lot of times to work.

One thing that mesmerised me was his consistency and trying hard attitude.
From beginnig to end, he never lost hope of getting rescued. Days after days, months after month, year after year he continued doing the same thing, eating the same food, same coconut juices etc...

He made a blood imprinted face on a basketball. He used to talk to that facial figure when he was getting bored of his hectic hard life, he talked to that ball and that ball gave him enough inspiration to live another day, to work a bit harder, hoping for a rescue to come..

After 5 years of living on that lonely hell island, he finally got rescued. A merchants ship rescued him in a half dead situation. Then, he went back home and started doing his usual work and lived happily since that day....

One thing, I certainly learnt from that movie was never giving up attitude. Whatever may happen in life, what may be the scenario of life is, if you feel complexity of living, threatened by natual occurences and circumstances, dont loose hope, dont give up of happening something good in life..

If we can do so, then we will succeed one day in the auspicious future lying ahead..

Thank you all for reading this blog. I appreciate your reading this patiently.

Stay blessed,
Stay safe...

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