NEW COMMUNITY - Welcome to the Teachers Lounge!

Welcome to the Teachers Lounge!

The Teachers Lounge is a community I've had in my mind for a long time. When I came to Hive back in January there was a community for pretty much everything. All of my interests were already covered except for one; teaching.

What I wanted was a space for teachers to sit back and write about their day and life as teachers in general. A place to get things off our chests, be it new experiences, good experiences, bad experiences or whatever.

This is something I personally want to blog about and right now I don't feel like there is a space on Hive to do that, except maybe my personal blog of course. That's where I got the idea for the Teachers Lounge Community. Let's gather up the teachers and make our own little community!

It's meant to be a place where teachers can sit back, relax and talk about their day. Where the focus can be on us and our lives and not the educational part of it. We get enough of that during our work days, don't we? Nonetheless there's a plethora of other places to look for exactly that.

Some might say that there is the Education Community and while that is true it focuses to much on educational content for my taste. It doesn't seem to be moderated anymore either, sadly.

Tima Miroshnichenko

Educational content

I want to clarify what I mean by educational content not being the focus of this community. What is meant by this is posts that focus purely on educational content like:

  • How to teach math effectively.
  • How to get students interested in history.
  • How to dissect a frog.

These are of course all important themes but not what we want to focus on. We want your experiences to be in focus. Posts like these are what will fit into the community:

  • I tried this new method in math class today and it was great!
  • Why history is my favorite subject to teach.
  • We dissected frogs today and my students loved it!
  • My thoughts on the new curriculum.
  • Why I became a teacher.

Educational content is of course automatically baked into everything we as teachers do in some way. The point is we don't want it to be the sole focus of the posts made in this community. The focus should be on us (you and me) and not the education itself.

Max Fischer

Rules clarification

1: Cite all sources not belonging to you.
2: No plagiarism.

The first two rules speak for themselves and go hand in hand. If you use an external source to make a point or a statement then be respectful to the original author by citing that source. Plagiarism is an act that all of us know is bad. Especially when we're monetizing content here on Hive. Plagiarism will result in muting within the community.

3: No NSFW content.

It's just not the place for that.

4: Make sure no one can be identified from your post. Especially students. If you feel like someone might read your post and think to themselves "that's me" then don't post.

This is a big one. No student, parent or colleague should ever come here, read your post and feel like you're ranting about them. Keep things anonymous and if you must talk about someone make sure it's uplifting and empowering. Remember that we are often a big presence in these kids lives. Them finding out you're ranting about them online could be damaging to both them and yourself. Even though this is your personal blog it is still important to stay professional.

RODNAE Productions

End Notes

With the introductions and descriptions out of the way there is nothing else to do but open the doors of this community to all you wonderful teachers out there!

Going forward posts regarding the community will be made from the @teachersl account. I decided to make this introduction post from my own personal account in hopes it would reach out to more people to get that initial following. Half of the payouts from this post will go to that account.

I hope this can grow into something beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing posts from all the users that will find their way here.

The Teachers Lounge is now OPEN!


Artem Beliaikin


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