hello my Hive friends and family,

It's been a while since we last met. Well I say a while because it's been just 8 days on hive. I may have learnt quite a lot of things from here though there is so much more to learn yet.

Again, special thanks goes to @jaraumoses for showing me to this wonderful platform where I have met such a loving and caring community. as of today, I would love to share some good news with you.

I made my first pay out... Yaaaayyyy!!!!


I am so happyyyy. Alright, happiness aside, I saw something contrary to what I expected to find in my wallet. instead of $18, i found $4 and 10HP. I wanted to learn how this came about. I set up an appointment with @jaraumoses and met him.


He agreed and when we met, he explained the post rewards are are divided into 2 i.e..
1. The author (that's me)
2. The curators who happen to be the voters ( I know them as likes)

The $4 can be converted into cash and the 10HP can also be converted into cash through a process called power down.

He also mentioned that the HP comes as a boost to the one I had before.

Well for someone out there who has had a fair share of questions like I have had on this platform, you may ask @jaraumoses to guide you.
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Til next time.
Gerry is out

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