Cat and fish shaped pancake

Pancakes made from ready-made flour

My son and I love to eat pancakes 😍. But ever since I knew about pancakes, I already knew there was a ready-to-mix flour 😁 so I've never tried making it myself 😋
It's also convenient to say, mix each water, then fry the cake, follow the instructions on the package of the dough
When frying the cake, you have to be a little patient for the cake to be golden, but it's also interesting, waiting for the foam to break is known when it's time to flip 😉
Perhaps the most fun is when decorating the cake 🤩 one day, I use it with all kinds of strawberry jam, one day it's Thanh Yen jam, another day with honey, like today I decorate it with fresh cream 🥰If you have any fruit at home, use that fruit for a more sour and sour taste, because this powder is a bit sweet.


You can also use a pan.


  • 3 chicken eggs
  • 25g sugar
  • 20ml fresh milk without sugar
  • 30 grams of flour
  • 60gr Butter (without butter, you can use oil, no need to worry)



Step 1:
Separate the yolk and white from each other (no need to separate, if you like, I usually don't separate)

Step 2;
Pour boiling water into a cup with a ratio of 3:1, then put pandan powder in and stir well, then sift through a sieve, mix directly into the cake flour, it will turn out a pretty green color.


Step 3:
Beat the yolk. Add flour + milk and beat until smooth (it's ok when it's smooth).
Step 4:
Beat the sugar + whites until peaks are formed (use a beater for this section)
Step 5:
Mix all ingredients together to get a slightly thick mixture (use the machine with the lightest speed for 2 minutes)


Step 6:
Spread butter on the pan (use a paper towel to wipe it once) Low heat
Step 7:
Scoop 1 patch and pour it from above in the shape of a mold and you're done..
Step 8:
Wait until the cake is golden, then take it out, no need to flip the side (if you use a toaster like me, otherwise you have to turn the surface). Wait until the cake is done



*** Difficulty: Very easy
*** Time took:
25 minutes


Wish you all success ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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