I made Bean sprouts, Vietnamese food

Because it's a lockdown, we don't have to go to the streets to buy food but I had a craving for bean sprouts.


I pointed out online, and I started to see how. Fortunately, the result was pretty good.
In Vietnam, bean sprouts are used as an ingredient in many dishes, which are very popular and are often found in the meals of many Vietnamese families. Bean sprouts are not only good, but they're also cheap and they're made into different dishes, bean sprout are good for health, cool, easy to eat, and easy to handle.
Well, today I'd like to share with you how to make this dish. I hope it's good for everyone...... to make segments of this national vegetable...... not to eat their vegetables...... they're clean and sweet.


20Gr green peas/red peas/black peas/straight and new soybeans. Something planted [x1F606]. Green beans, red beans are crisp sweeteners, black beans eat spicily. A loose, thick towel, a baby milk towel or a thin towel.


**How to grow beans ? **

Step 1
Wash the beans, remove the rotten seeds, cleanse them and soak their hands in warm water for four hours, then flush them with water for four hours instead of spending the night in the hot summer.
Step 2
Bring two soaking towels. Put the basket (choose the bottom brass so that the water is clear to water the beans), then spread a wet towel over the basket.
Step 3
You spread your beans on your napkins really ( just a cover of beans), then spread the wet towel ( you cover the rest with your bedclothes).
Step 4
Then, insert the plate on the basket to seal the unsealed disk with the leftover towel. * The important thing is to keep the price in place is very flat.*

**Watering: **

  • You take your basket of beans, put them in the pot for three minutes, and then dry them off( take a day of soaking, and don't let them soak too long, your water.)
  • Water 3 times a day, and spray the top mist to wet. If you don't have a geyser, pour water into the basket and lift it. So that the summer beans are not vicious, leam, scented, my mother says it's a basket.
  • Three days and three nights will pass.


Three days and three nights, I can tell. You take the towel and you give it a mild pat, the peel will fall. When you pick the price, the roots of the germ are planted at the bottom of a towel, so the top of the germ is either clean and free from the roots, or you cut gently the trunk away from the root. The germ should be clean and white. This way I spend time lying around the internet studying and retracing after several planting.







I wish you all success growing your vegetables, safely out of the covid-19.😊 Thanks for reading my blog.❣️

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