Yomie's Rice X Yogurt | Amazing Combination of Sour And Crunchy

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Amazing Combination of Sour And Crunchy

Hello food lovers..
How are you?
Is there a menu you want this week?
I have a recommendation for a drink that not only quenches thirst but is also filling.

I bought this drink at Gandaria City Mall, this well-known drink has many branches in several malls in Jakarta. Yomie's rice x yogurt, a restaurant name that provides drinks with rice and yogurt. This filling drink is enjoyed by those who want to diet and are also quite full if they have to eat heavy food.


Yomie's rice x yogurt is a drink that originally came from China which finally opened in Jakarta. This drink has a variety of flavors that are quite diverse. Purple rice yogurt is a crowd favourite, so I tried it and was pleasantly surprised by the taste. A mixture of sour yogurt and crunchy purple rice makes for an extraordinary drink combination. For those of you who really like yogurt, you must try it.


At that time I went with some of my friends for a little walk in the mall. And at the same time, Yomie's rice x yogurt is holding a promo with a 50% discount for mall member point owners. Without thinking, my friends and I decided to buy it right away. For the price starting from 40k and for that price it's really worth it. You won't regret buying it. I'm even less if I only drink 1 cup. Lol.


Besides the delicious drinks, the location is very easy to find and very comfortable to sit for a long time with friends. Talk about interesting things in a very comfortable atmosphere. The combination of pastel colors and very warm light made us forget that we had spent a lot of time. We went home with some drinks to drink at home.



That's my review, you have to feel it yourself so you're not curious. I can still taste the yomie's rice x yogurt.

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Best Regards,
Tina K Harnis.


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