Delicious Typical Dishes of Ha Noi, Vietnam

Hello all Hivers who love food. I am from the North and today I will introduce to you the typical dishes in Hanoi city - the capital of Vietnam😁

In the Central and Southern regions in Vietnam, the dishes are often hot, spicy, sweet and salty besides the Northern dishes are insipid or mild sweet. There are many specialties in Hanoi, here I will list my favorite dishes

Pho Bo: this is a typical Vietnamese dish with long fibers like noodles and vermicelli, but flatter and white in color. A special feature is that the broth is stewed for a long time with pork bones, star anise, cinnamon and blanched beef. When eaten, pho is added with chili and lemon. Pho is delicious and people often eat it in the morning


Bun bean vermicelli (bún đậu): a type of vermicelli made round and thick, when eaten, it's cut into small pieces. Soft and fragrant beans are fried. Eat together with herbs, boiled meat. The most special thing is that the sauce is made from fermented raw shrimp. Therefor it often has a slightly unpleasant (even horrible with someone) smell, anyone who eats this sauce will be very passionate.If not you can also eat with fish sauce or soy sauce


Bread: made from fermented wheat flour with a long and thin shape. Bread served inside with spring rolls, eggs, pate and vegetables. If the West is famous for doner kebab, Vietnam is very well-known for bread


Ho Tay shrimp cake: this is a cake made from flour and small shrimp. Delicious shrimp cake served with sweet and sour dipping sauce. According to legend, this was the dish offered to the kings of the past. The best place to find and eat this dish is West Lake. You can combine to visit Tran Quoc Pagoda, Tay Ho Palace - 2 places with beautiful and unique architecture


Cốm: yellow in color made from young rice grains. Com often appears in autumn in Hanoi, when eating, you can feel the aroma and sweetness. Com is usually served with ripe bananas and a cup of tea


Xoi Xeo: White rice grains are marinated with turmeric, so when ripe, they are yellow and eaten with green beans and pork broth. This is the favorite dish of Hanoi people in the morning. They usually eat it before going to work. From just 0.5 cents, I was able to buy delicious and wonderful sticky rice



Egg Coffee: drinking coffee on the sidewalk is a Vietnamese tradition with a very cheap price of only 20 thousand VND (1$), you have a good cup of coffee. The most famous in Hanoi is egg coffee from Giang restaurant, which has been selling since 1946. Egg coffee is served hot from coffee, topped with a layer of greasy and delicious yolk
There are also Bac Xiu, Brown Coffee, Coconut Coffee. . .



Above are some delicious dishes in Hanoi. If you visit Hanoi, can contact me, I will take you to eat and explore the very beautiful capital of Vietnam. Thanks for reading, have a nice dayyyy😁

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