TacoCat's TrEats #113: Gourmet Burgers on a Budget! 🍔


Hey Hive!

So I know this week is supposed to be a post from my other foodie series, called TacoCat (kinda) Cooks!, which is where I well, kinda cook and share recipes that I've tried at home and the cooking process.

But lately we've been really busy with work and stuff and my sleep schedule has been so messed up that I haven't had the time to actually cook much, so we've been ordering takeout a lot more, so here we are with another one of TacoCat's TrEats! It's been really warm here suddenly so cooking less also helps keep us cool I guess.

Anyway, I had a hankering for burgers the other night since a couple of friends of mine were talking about it while I was streaming on my Twitch channel the other night. So we decided to get burgers from one of our favourite burger places called Wolf Burger!


Source: Wolf Burger

Mr Soh Wen Ming (left), co-owner and founder of Wolf Burgers, with its beef-based Wolf Burger, while general manager Rayson Lee holds the Future Burger, made with the plant-based Beyond Burger patty. (Source: Straits Times)

Wolf Burger is actually a homegrown franchise started by these 4 friends who ventured into the unknown world of F&B without any prior knowledge or experience! They started another venture together Carvers & Co, which had a menu that featured “hearty meats” and was “brunch-focused”, which is now known as Carvers X that relocated from the cafe neighbourhood to the city!

And now they have another chain called Wolf Burger, where their philosophy was "to bring a wonderful, exciting, and complete gourmet meal for customers at accessible price points, coupled with great service in an edgy setting, where our customers can catch up with friends and family,” I guess that's pretty hard to do right now with covid and dining restrictions, but they do pride themselves on their own homemade gourmet burgers with fresh ingredients, so there's still that.


Source: SG Dabao

Anyway, we've actually never tried their takeout much and I was quite sad to find that they didn't have my favourite burger on their menu anymore! They used to have a burger that had beef patty, cheese and a portobello mushroom that was awesome! But I guess they took it off the menu now.. :(

So we had to order something else and I chose the Timberwulf, which is one of their chicken burgers:


Sean decided to try the Coyote, one of the beef burgers, so we could have a taste of different meats and textures. We also ordered a side of sweet potato fries since the burgers are a la carte.


Anyway, after about 20 minutes or so, our order arrived in this cool paper bag:


And this was our complete order:


So this was my fried chicken burger:


And this was Sean's beef burger:


And these were the sweet potato fries! Slightly salted and fried to crispy perfection!


I was kinda iffy on the honey mustard mayo since I'm not a huge fan of mustard or mayo, but the chicken burger was actually really yummy!


The sauce wasn't overpowering at all but you could still taste it, and it matched the coleslaw well. The fried chicken was crispy and juicy, and the cheese complemented it really well! The burger wasn't dry at all because of the sauce and it was really delicious!

Sean's Coyote beef burger was also good; the cheese, lettuce and beef matched really well together of course. But since I'm not really a fan of pickles or tomatoes it was kinda meh for me. So I had to take them out and let Sean eat them whenever I encountered them. But overall, it was still really good! The beef was a nice medium rare and still juicy. But I think because of the vegetables (especially the pickles) I preferred my burger better.


Nevertheless it was still a really delicious meal, and definitely filling! For about 8 bucks each I'd say that's pretty affordable compared to other burger places. It's only slightly more than the cheaper burgers in fast food chains here.

If you ever have a craving for some gourmet burgers on a budget, definitely give Wolf Burger a try!

Thanks so much for reading!

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