Faluda / Falooda : Sweet Summer Chilled Dessert

On a hot and humid afternoon,after a good day of work when we were craving for something chill, we found blessing in disguise on one of the busy street of India. It was Faluda / Falooda.

Faluda is an iconic frozen dessert, that one can easily find at restaurant, food joints or ice cream shops in the Indian sub Continents. It is one of the popular dessert item of India, Pakistan and Middle East. This super cool dessert is good to enjoy on a hot and humid day.


Faluda is very similar to Ice Cream float. To make this dessert, various ingredients were added one after the another and then topped with Ice Cream, dry fruits, cherries etc. The more item added the more beautiful it get.

A falooda is an Indian version of a cold dessert made with noodles. It has origins in the Persian dish faloodeh, variants of which are found across West, Central, and South Asia. Traditionally it is made by mixing rose syrup, vermicelli, and sweet basil seeds with milk, often served with ice cream. - Wikipedia


This dessert item is generally made with Vermicilli, Rose Syrup, Creamy Milk and Ice Cream.
It was blessing in disguise for us, as finding a shop in remote areas of India is very rare, however the designer vehicle or the hot & humid temperature make us to stop near it.


The shop looks to be very clean and hygienic. And more interesting very elegant. As it very colourful that make it very catchy from a distant.USP! Any how we ordered two Faluda Ice cream. And the man inside soon started to prepare.

At first he took, out some Vermicilli and put it inside a big glass. And I assume he added little bit of essence.


Then he make a second layer with rose syrup. The Red syrup looking very smooth on the yellow Vermicilli.


After that he went to other side and pour some Yellow thick liquid. It used to be the Creamy Milk. I think they use a full fat Creamy Milk to make the dessert look very Creamy.


After that, I saw him putting three different scoops of ice cream. If I goes with my knowledge, then those were - Choco Vanila, Strawberry and Chocolate.


After garnishing the dessert with few dried fruit and glazed cherry they serve it to us. Infact it was looking so delicious that we can ponder right away.


However, it appears to overflowing from the big glass jar. So much item inside making it over flowing. He put spoon inside and asked us to enjoy.


It was delicious made with love too. The shop owner didn't seem to be much talkative, but looking at us taking pic, he too take a pic of the dessert, may be for his reference.


But our hunger, and hot weather, couldn't stop us from drinking it straightaway rather than eating with spoon. Infact, the melting ice cream on top, making the jar overflow. So it's better to drink it directly.


A full glass of Faluds was enough to relive us from hot weather. It soon give a chill feeling g from inside. The three scoop of ice cream and the differrnt ingredients did the trick. And I make sure to book it into our memory labe with a selfie


It was wonderfully made and taste much better than any other normal icecream. May be the added essence and rose syrup making it more tastier with their flavored smell.

There are variety available of this dessert item in big restaurant or ice cream parlor. But what we had is not less than any blessing. It was at right time and right place to enjoy the delicious dessert.


Namaste @steemflow

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