Tofu Tocino | Quick and Easy Vegan Recipe


As part of our health regimen, my husband bought a weighing scale that also shows BMI analysis. It showed how much body fat I have, it tells me if I have sufficient water and protein, it also showed my body age as opposed to my real age. Interesting how a weighing scale shows almost everything you need to know and understand about your body. Out of all the information I got from the weighing scale, the one that bothered me the most was how it says I have insufficient protein in my body.

It may be because I am cutting off the meat from our diet. It has been weeks since I have a vegetable heavy menu for our meal. I just know that I need to serve my family more veggies than meat to somehow help cleanse our body. I may have gone a little bit overboard.

So to compensate for the protein requirement, I decided to look at other sources of meat for our diet. And tofu is my go to when I don't want to eat pork, beef, or chicken. It's a good thing that a friend of mine is on her road to vegan journey and she's been sharing vegan recipes online. I found this recipe for tofucino. I changed some of the ingredients from the video to give it my own personal taste.



First make sure that the tofu has been pat dry.

Then, slice the tofu to serving sizes. To make sure the tofu slices are completely dry, arrange the slices on a plate lined with paper towels. Top the first layer of tofu slices with more paper towels then put more tofu slices on top of it. Once all the slices has been arranged on the plate, cover it with another plate or the chopping board. Put some weight on top of the chopping board and let it sit for about 15-30 minutes.

While waiting, prepare the tocino mix. In a bowl, mix soy sauce, catsup, sugar, olive oil, and garlic powder.

Once all that has been done, transfer the tofu slices on a container where the tocino mix will be poured into. Make sure all the surfaces of the tofu slices are covered.

Put in the fridge for at least an hour. I marinated these overnight.


Once the tofu slices has been marinated, fry in a shallow pan as you normally would. Once you see the sides are browning and you no longer see any white surfaces, the tofucino should be good.

I was really surprised at how delicious this turned out. Most of the time, my husband requests for something, I cook, then he judges if I was able to make it according to how he remembered the dish. This time, I cooked based on imagination and of course an online recipe. And it did not end up a disaster. It is indeed quick and easy!

Serve warm and enjoy. This dish goes well with steamed red rice even my kid enjoyed this quick and easy vegan tofucino dish. I dug deeper into the vegan recipes online and I was surprised to see that there are so many easy to prepare yet yummy vegan dishes. I'm not a vegan, I'm not even a vegetarian, but this dish has opened a whole new world for my cooking experience. It gave some renewed excitement in cooking for me. Who knows one dish could be eye opening. And exciting. I now have an entirely different line up of meals for my family these coming weeks. And I can't wait to share them all to you here.


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