Sweet and Sour Tofu

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Lately, I realized that I've been preparing and cooking too much meat. My two-week menu has been heavy with pork, beef, and chicken. And I mean literally heavy because I do the grocery and market trips because my husband tend to buy things that are not on the list and not actually buy all the things that are on the grocery list. Anyways, I went ahead and altered our lifestyle a little bit by changing a huge chunk in our meals. Actually, removing a big portion of it. I decided to cut back on meat.

Like any other lifestyle changes, I did it gradually. I live with a toddler who seems to question every single decisions that I make with my life. I started with alternating days of meat and veggie meals, then slowly added more veggie days, until we reached the no pork, beef, and chicken meals for two weeks. Well, we still have our off days where we order food, but it's not as frequent as before so that is still a win for me.

I have actually come up with a lot of vegetarian dishes in this road to vegetarianism that we embarked on. My go to actually, are dishes that involve tofu for the reason that I can just simply replace the meat woth fried tofu, and that's it! This recipe I'm sharing is for sweet and sour tofu.


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Minced Garlic
Diced onions
Bell peppers
Carrots, cut into small cubes
Dried mushrooms, sliced
Pineapple chunks
About a cup of water
1/3 cup Vinegar
1/4 cup Soy sauce
Muscovado sugar
Salt and pepper
A little bit of Cornstarch, dissolved in water
Tofu, cut into cubes and deep fried


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First, deep fry the tofu cubes until they're golden brown. Make sure that before you sliced the tofu, it has been completely drained and firmed.

Then, on a separate pan, sautee garlic, onions, and bell peppers. Next, add the carrots. Add the sliced dried mushrooms. Mix all the ingredients together. Pour about a cup of water. Sprinkle some salt and pepper. Let boil.

Add in the pineapple chunks. Pour in the vinegar and soy sauce. Next, add the sugar. You should be smelling the sweet and sour aroma at this point.

Now, add the fried tofu. Mix thoroughly until all the flavors have been infused into the tofu. Add a little water if you think it's drying out. Lastly, add the dissolved cornstarch.

The sweet and sour tofu is best served hot and is more delicious with red rice. White rice works too.

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Did you know that vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals that help strengthen our immune system? I knew that before but my memory was refreshed by Storybots on Netflix which is a good series for kids and grownups. Now that our immune system should always be on the ready more than ever to fight any viruses, I think this is the best time to add more vegetables in our diet.

I thought going vegetarian would be boring and tedious. It is quite the opposite, actually. My grocery is a lot of kilograms lighter, and my brain is actually challenged to think of creative ways on how to feed my family more vegetables everyday. Every now and then, we have some slip ups, but hey, we just started.

I hope to share more of our vegetarian dishes in the next few days. And I hope that my family can continue this lifestyle.


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