Tasting “Pandan Coffee” at Achek Coffee Shop in Lhokseumawe

A few days ago, I and a friend of mine @bahagia-arbi went to Lhokseumawe to visit my uncle for a meeting to discuss about coffee business we run recently. After finishing our meeting, we made a phone call for our friend who stays in this town, he is @zainalbakri, a hive user as well. We intended to invite him to have a drink at a coffee shop while discussing the recent issues and news on Hive Blockchain and cryptocurrencies as a whole. He answered my call and telling me that he was already in a coffee shop named Achek Coffee.

He was inviting us to join him having coffee there. Then, I drove my car to the coffee shop which is located in front of Banda Sakti Police Office. It’s not so far from Bus Station, and only five minutes walk from Islamic Center Grand Mosque. Since it was no traffic, we arrived at the coffee shop around seven minutes. Upon arriving there, apparently @zainalbakri was with @dsatria having coffee. He was intentionally not telling us that @dsatria was with him. Then we took a seat, and he offered us to taste the special coffee blend by Achek Coffee named Coffee Pandan. The coffee is already placed in a bottle.


As coffee addicts, we have no problem to taste any blend of coffee. I was so curious about the taste of Pandan Coffee. Yeah, as its name the coffee is blended with the extract of pandan leaves. We know that Pandanus amaryllifolius is a tropical plant and it has fragrant leaves which are used widely for flavouring in the cuisines and drinks. Achek Coffee is pretty smart to use pandan for their coffee menu. Frankly, I never tasted Pandan Coffee before.

Barista was coming to our table and explaining little bit on how the coffee made. The coffee base is arabica gayo from Gayo Highland, it’s 100% arabica which is roasted medium to dark, and processed semi wash. They gave some UHT milk and extract of pandan leaves. He served us two glass cup and ices. Then, we poured some pandan coffee into it.


I sipped the coffee and wow! It was so tasteful, with the hint of pandan. The coffee and UHT milk is balance, and so great to taste it with ice. I might say that this coffee blend has special taste and I recommend pandan coffee to taste when you are in Lhokseumawe Town.


The Interior of Achek Coffee Shop
This coffee shop is not that spacious. But the interior is pretty cool, cozy and pleasant with all modern coffee equipments like Espresso machine, grinders, etc.



The roasted coffee beans are placed in the glass bottles. They only provide arabica coffee with some mind of process. They are full wash, semi wash, and natural process. And apparently they also provide wine coffee. It’s a kind of specialized fermentation coffee.


They also offer coffee ground. It’s already packed. We may buy it as a gift or drinking it at home.


The barista was on duty. He was talented barista. He is also a friendly boy.


And here we are. We took a selfie photo as a proof of activity at the coffee shop. It’s a great time to spend with friends to discuss any issues, and the growing on blockchain and cryptocurrencies while sipping a cup of pandan coffee.


I would return to this coffee shop next time and tasting again The Pandan Coffee.

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