Birthday Tradition In My Office

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Two weeks ago, I celebrated a friend's birthday at my workplace. There are four birthdays. they are Neny, Yulita, Maskur and Rizky. There is a must-do tradition for birthday staff. Make yellow rice and pray together. And that, done at lunch. For me, lunch is the most sacred place. Where everyone gathers, talking to each other regardless of position. We are free to talk about anything at the dinner table.

After we pray, We eat Nasi Kuning at the dinner table. At Nasi kuning, I learned about diversity. In one plate, there are many types of food that can be eaten. In fact, all cooked foods are complicated to cook. Besides yellow rice, there are fried chicken, fried eggs, perkedel, urab, tempe orek and balado. All these complex foods are cooked.

Besides eating Nasi Kuning, we also blew out the candles on the birthday cake. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, yesterday there was no candle blowing session. But eating Nasi Kuning is a very special thing. In addition to birthdays, making yellow rice is celebrated for employees who resign. This is done so that we can maintain a good relationship with the resigned staff

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