Philosophy of Nasi Kuning At Indonesia

Two weeks ago, I had a friend's birthday at my place of work. There were four people's birthdays. There is a tradition that is required when the staff has a birthday party. Make some yellow rice and pray together. There's a meaning to the yellow rice. And there was a prayer for my birthday friends.



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We said a prayer at lunch together. For me, lunch is the most sacred place. Where everyone gathered, talking to each other without regard for position. We're free to talk about anything at the dinner table. For me, this lunch is glorious lunch. The prayer began with the prayer of my director, manager until staf. And we say the best prayer anyone has to offer.


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We also bought birthday cake. We eat birthday cake after lunch. This year is a very meaningful celebration. I've worked for 2 years. Last year, I purposely didn't tell you my birthday. This year, my manager remembered my birthday. In fact, this year I forgot my birthday.



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Even though I forgot my birthday, for me it was a very solemn celebration. There are many kind prayers that I receive from my friends. Moreover, I returned to eating yellow rice. For me, yellow rice is the most meaningful food. Because my mom always cooks this for my birthday. In Indonesia, yellow rice is often used as breakfast. But, I never have breakfast with yellow rice (you can call "Nasi Kuning")


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At Nasi kuning, I learned about diversity. In one plate, there are many types of food that can be eaten. In fact, all cooked foods are complicated to cook. Besides yellow rice, there are fried chicken, fried eggs, corn curlers, urab, tempeh orek and cob balado. All these complex foods are cooked.


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Nasi Kuning of rice in Indonesian tradition symbolizes gold which means wealth. Nasi Kunung is often shaped like a mountain triangle or "Tumpeng". Tumpeng symbolizes the golden mountain, prosperity of life, and high morale. With the presence of yellow rice in the celebration, it is hoped that it will bring great blessings and fortune. And given a life of wealth and riches. Therefore, yellow rice in the form of a sprinkling is often a sacred main dish.



Picture By Nurdiani Latifah

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