How to Make Nasi Goreng Gochujang, Very Simple and Easy

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It's been a long time since I wrote here. How are you? Hope it's okay. Some time ago I made gochujang fried rice. But, before sharing the recipe I made, I want to tell you about fried rice (you can call Nasi Goreng).

Fried rice is one of the most popular foods in Indonesia. It's not hard to find this food, there are lots of restaurants that sell fried rice. From cheap to price. In fact, you can even make your own fried rice. very easy to make. Not only that, fried rice is also easy to serve. In my family, fried rice is one of the breakfast menus.



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However, these foods exist in various countries. But with different spices. But, with the main ingredient of rice. In Indonesia, you can find Javanese fried rice, mutton fried rice and rice. The presence of various countries shows that fried rice has been around for thousands of years. Probably around 4000 BC. This food is not from Indonesia. This is a traditional Chinese food.


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Fried rice originated from the habit of Chinese people who do not like cold food. Therefore, they tried to re-cook the cold rice. For the better, they put in the seasoning when cooking it. Apparently, this fried rice is much liked by the Chinese.

Because of its good taste, the last fried rice is spread in various countries. Including spread to Indonesia. Fried rice in Indonesia, using cold rice. You must be asking how it spread to other countries? Including spreading to Indonesia? Since the first, the Chinese have always migrated. Chinese people are scattered in various countries. For the most part, they settled in the area. They try to make fried rice with spices that are available where they live.


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In China, fried rice has existed since the Sui Dynasty, namely the period 589 - 618 AD. The first recipe for fried rice came from Yangzhou City in Jiansu province. From this city, what became popular was fried rice. We have often encountered this city's typical fried rice in several Chinese restaurants.

At that time, the Chinese made fried rice filled with pork, shrimp, peas and spring onions. From several sources that I got, fried rice is mostly consumed by farmers. No wonder Chinese fried rice is consumed by farmers. In fact, it is called the food of the poor. Fried rice is made in large portions with the aim of being eaten together. This is why Chinese fried rice is always made in large portions.


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For Indonesia, fried rice is the second best food. This is based on a survey conducted by one of the media in 2017. Fried rice ranks second after Rendang. Voting was carried out by 35,000 people in the world who chose fried rice as one of the most delicious foods in Indonesia.

Indonesian fried rice has a distinctive taste, spicy liquid. It managed to captivate many people. I also have to admit that fried rice is very popular in Indonesia. If you are afraid of the bad taste of fried rice, you can buy fried rice seasoning. You just add some eggs or other food ingredients that you have at home. Well, you already know the history of fried rice. I will share the fried rice recipe that I made.


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The Ingredients Use

1#. Toge, to taste.

2#. Carrots, to taste.

3#. One egg

4#. Three pcs of medium size meatballs

5#. Three slices of fish cake

6#. enough rice

7#. Onions, according to taste

spices used

1#. Gochujang sauce, to taste

2#. honey, to taste

3#. soy sauce, to taste

4#. Mushroom broth, to taste.

5#. Chili sauce

6#. Mix all the spices and add a little water.


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Step by Step

1#. Cut all the ingredienst will use. Such as carrots, meatballs, onions, fishcakes. Cut according to your taste.

2#. Mix all the spices to be used.

3#. Heat a frying pan and give us some oil. Once hot, add the onions to it. Once fragrant, you can add eggs and mix.

4#. After it looks a bit dry, you can add carrots and bean sprouts. After wilting, add fishcake and meatballs. Wait a moment for the smell.

5#. Once fragrant, add the rice and stir until smooth. Once flat, you can add the pots that have been provided. Stir to the ground.

6#. Wait a minute, and it will explode. I was silent for 10 minutes. And you can enjoy fried rice.


Picture By Nurdiani Latifah

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