How to Cook Cow Gravelf, This Food Has Many Benefits

Some time ago, I bought a cow gravel. This is one of my favorite foods. I usually buy this food at a restaurant and have been given Indonesian special spices. Or mamah deliberately cooked this when I returned to Bandung. Kikil is one of the typical Indonesian foods. In addition, beef kikil can be found in several Indonesian specialties. Like, soto, soup or satay.


For those of you who don't know, beef kikil comes from the cartilage of a cow. In some restaurants, this part is cooked with coconut milk or spices. You will love this food, because beef kikil is rich in purines and is very good for health. This purine has benefits for the body. Among them:



Picture by Nurdiani Latifah

1#. Maintain skin elasticity.

Beef gravel contains protein in the form of collagen. About 30 percent of the collagen content can be found in beef kikil, buffalo kikil or goat kikil. Beef gravel also contains Keratin and Elastin. Functions to form the structure of the skin tissue.


Picture By Nurdiani Latifah

2#. Prevent dangerous diseases.

In cow gravel there are minerals that are useful for activating antioxidant enzymes in the body. The enzyme is glutathione peroxide which can protect the body from several dangerous diseases. One of them is cancer. In addition, beef kikil can stimulate the growth of white blood cells. This is useful for preventing leukemia.

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3#. Overcome stomach acid

For those of you who have stomach acid, this food is for you. You can consume beef kikil regularly. From the information I got, cow gravel can record symptoms of stomach acid as long as it is consumed regularly

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4. Energy-producing foods

Beef kikil contains unsaturated fat, protein and carbohydrates. This content makes cow gravel a good choice of energy-producing food for health.


How, are you interested in consuming beef kikil? You can cook it by making soup. But, I cook it by seasoning it with soy sauce with egg and tofu. Check out how to make it.


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The Ingredients Use

1#. Gravel cow, I bought not too much

2# Tofu, I bought three small pieces

3#. Egg

4#. Onion, to taste

5#. Chili, enough

6#. Sweet sauce, to taste

7#. Oyster sauce, to taste

8#. Salt salt, to taste

9#. Mushroom broth, to taste


Picture By Nurdiani Latifah

How to Cook

1#. Wash the beef brisket with warm water. Likewise with Tofu. Soak in warm water.

2#. After that, cut the kinky beef and tofu according to taste. Don't forget to chop the onions and chilies.

3#. Heat a frying pan and give me some oil. I use canola oil for cooking.

4#. Saute onion and chili until fragrant. Then, add the eggs. Stir briefly. Add tofu and beef kikil. Add 220 milliliters of water.

5#. You can add oyster sauce, soy sauce, sweet soy sauce, and mushroom broth. Stir down. Silent until the water is reduced

  1. Food is ready to be served. I add rice when I eat this food. this is so delicious

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Picture By Nurdiani Latifah

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